Wrinkle Recode™ Line Transforming Melting Serum

Visibly reduce lines and stubborn deep wrinkles in 7 days*

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*After 1 week, when used as directed. Unretouched photos.
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After treatment


StriVectin’s proprietary BioRecode Technology revitalizes skin’s own wrinkle defenses to reduce the look of lines, creases - and even deep, stubborn wrinkles - in just 7 days*. This super concentrated formula melts luxuriously into skin to visibly plump, smooth and restore youthful radiance.

*Based on expert grading results after 1 week of use, when used as directed


  • Youth-renewing Oils (Dhatelo & Macadamia Oils): Mimic fatty acids found naturally in skin to replenish and retain moisture
  • Tone Modulating Molecule: Technology to improve radiance and clarity
  • NIA-114: StriVectin’s patented, optimized form of Niacin / Vitamin B3 that is clinically-proven to strengthen the skin barrier and supercharge the performance of other ingredients


  • Super concentrated serum visibly diminishes all dimensions of deep wrinkles
  • Breakthrough BioRecode Technology revitalizes skin’s own wrinkle fighting abilities to reduce the look of lines and creases
  • Melts luxuriously into skin to restore youthful radiance and clarity


Most of the skincare products in your bathroom cabinet are the result of great chemistry. But Wrinkle Recode was inspired by the revolutionary science of epigenetics, which is the study of how lifestyle and the environment can affect how we age and presents an entirely new and efficacious way to target the root cause of wrinkles.


Step by Step Instructions

Thicker than a typical serum, this melting serum requires a slightly different application. In order to activate the BioRecode Technology, first you need to warm the serum in your hands.
1Pump 1 pearl- sized drop onto the palm of your hand
2Gently massage between hands to warm and melt the serum to activate the BioRecode Technology
3Gently press into skin, all over a clean face in the morning and night
4Allow to dry
5Follow with a moisturizer as the final step in your skincare regimen

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