REFORM (habits that age you)

Reform (habits that age you)

It’s no secret that too much sun and smoking
are bad for your health as well as your
skin…and will add years to your appearance.
But, did you know the following are also
habitual offenders?



Crow’s feet are repetitive motion
injuries to the delicate skin
outside corners of eyes that
can appear after years of squinting.


Wear sunglasses year-round to help prevent squinting when outdoors. Visit your optometrist yearly to correct any changes in your vision. And, treat eye skin to a dose of efficacious peptides, eye brighteners and soft focus diffusers to enhance skin structure and minimize the appearance of eye lines with Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles.



Beauty rest can affect the way skin
ages and so can the way you sleep.
Side sleepers tend to show more wrinkles
because their skin becomes creased when
scrunched into the pillow.


Switch from cotton to silk or satin pillowcases to allow your face to glide across the pillow, reducing contact stress.



With computers and lap tops
come a new syndrome known as
“computer face” or “tech neck”. Spending
hours looking down at a computer screen
causes neck muscles to shorten which can
contribute to sagging


Position your neckline and vision to be in direct view of the screen. Place a mirror next to your computer so you can check your reflection occasionally to monitor your posture. And, help restore youthful neck and jawline contour with the #1 selling neck cream, Tightening Neck Cream.* Formulated with our Three-Tiered Technology, this hydrating neck cream tightens the neck and jawline from within for visible lift.



Super hectic days leave little
room for “girl time”. Maintaining
friendships help prevent feelings
of isolation and gloominess. Did you ever
notice how reenergized you feel after a catch
up call with a college friend or long-lost pal?
It’s simple – good friends are akin to a healthy, positive outlook.


Make sure to schedule time with friends (aka girls’ night out). Stay connected via social networking where you can share updates and photos.



Your hands are exposed to sunlight, extreme temperatures, and lots of wear and tear. The tops of the hands, where skin is thinnest, tend to show signs of aging (and neglect) first with crepiness, age spots and uneven texture.


Use sunscreen to protect hands from UV rays. Wear gloves on cold days. Avoid exposing hands to harsh household cleaners. And, use Volumizing Hand Treatment to combat the five signs of aging hands: loss of firmness, crepiness, dull tone, uneven texture and dryness. Loaded with skin volumizers and brighteners, plus moisturizing shea butter and botanical oils, this skin-friendly formula restores a youthful look to hands.



Skin’s elasticity allows it to expand and contract to accommodate growth. However, rapid weight gain (too much, too fast) can create tiny tears in the dermis, resulting in stretch marks from the scarring left behind.


ontrol rapid weight gain through a healthy diet and regular exercise. And, noticeably diminish stretch marks with our supercharged Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks & Wrinkles. When used 2x a day for 8 weeks, you can expect to see skin texture and resiliency improve while stretch marks visibly fade.

*According to The NPD Group, Inc. StriVectin TL Tightening Neck Cream is the top-selling neck cream within Prestige beauty since its launch in August 2011 through June 2012.