Makeover for BEDTIME GLORY

Nighttime is the right time for age fighting because our bodies move into a reparative mode where skin regenerates faster than during the day.

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Known by dermatologists as the gold standard in anti-aging, Retinol (a form of vitamin A) can often cause skin irritation, peeling, redness and sensitivity. This is not a concern with Advanced Retinol Night Treatment’s formula because NIA-114 helps strengthen the skin barrier, reducing nearly all the sensitivity and irritation often reported with Retinol use.
While you sleep, there’s a new night owl hard at work fighting the major signs of aging and waking up youthful skin. Meet Advanced Retinol Night Treatment - the midnight multitasker unites two of the most powerful anti-aging actives, NIA-114™ and Retinol for the first time.

DREAM TEAM: NIA-114 doubles the results of Retinol*

For Retinol (vitamin A) to achieve age-fighting potency, it needs Niacin (vitamin B) to convert to its active form. StriVectin’s proprietary NIA-114 molecule is one of the most active forms of Niacin. It has the ability to absorb deeply into skin and strengthen the moisture barrier, reducing Retinol sensitivity. Working as a dynamic duo, NIA-114 activates Retinol’s age-fighting power to work harder, faster, more efficiently without the irritating side effects.


Unlike traditional night creams, Advanced Retinol Night Treatment delivers superior age-fighting benefits throughout the night to fight deep-set wrinkles, even out tone and texture, and deeply nourish skin. All this without the irritation and sensitivity many Retinol users commonly experience.

Advanced Retinol
Night Treatment

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*Based on visual grading at 8 weeks in perioral area, fine wrinkles.