Every skin care regimen starts with a clean canvas. Begin and end your day by washing your face with this tri-phase formula to reveal soft and dewy skin

Eye makeup remover

Shake well to combine two phases. Using a cotton pad, apply to closed eyelid and wait a few seconds before gently wiping away.


Use 1-2 times per week, morning or night. Apply a generous layer of the mask over clean, dry skin avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse with water.
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1-2x weekly

Glycolic Skin Reset Mask


Eye Cream

Apply morning and night on clean skin. Gently pat onto the under eye area and around orbital bone with your ring finger.
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morning & night

Multi-Action R&R Eye Cream



Apply all over clean face in the morning and the evening. Use Advanced Retinol Day Moisturizer in the am and Multi-Action Restorative Cream at night.

Pre-Makeup Prep:

Apply evenly to skin after sunscreen for an optimal mattifying effect.
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Advanced Retinol Pore Refiner

Value $99

Price $69

Face Fact:

Did you know that the skin barrier, (aka the lipid barrier or moisture barrier) is the key to strong, healthy, hydrated skin? This outermost layer of skin not only protects against external environmental aggressors but also helps minimize water loss. All StriVectin formulas contain patented NIA-114™ to help strengthen the skin barrier.

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Round Out The Set