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Powerlift Instant Tightening Mask

Tighter, firmer skin in just 10 minutes!

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Breakthrough Silk Lifting Matrix Technology is like shape wear for slack, sagging skin, weaving a mesh of silk amino acids to visibly firm - even hours after rinsing off. An advanced polymer network delivers a tensing and smoothing effect while Red Algae & Tara Extract instantly soften and soothe. Apply to clean skin and rinse off after ten minutes for an invisible, undetectable second skin that helps keep your face looking tightened and lifted.


  • Tightening Network
  • Red Algae & Tara Extract
  • NIA-114™


  • See and feel tighter, firmer skin in just 10 minutes.
  • Powered by breakthrough Silk Lifting Matrix Technology, this miracle mask acts as a second skin, adhering to facial contours as it dries to visibly lift slackened, sagging skin.
  • Skin is instantly invigorated and feels dramatically firmer, even hours after rinsing off.

Want skincare with instant gratification? Get results without the wait! Try Powerlift Instant Tightening Mask for on demand tightening and firming, along with Line Blurfector Instant Wrinkle Blurring Primer to immediately diminish the look of lines and wrinkles.


Step by Step Instructions

1 Apply a generous, even layer over clean, dry skin on face and jawline
2 Leave on for 10 minutes or until completely dry. To maximize lifting effects, limit facial movements during use
3Rinse off with warm water
4Use 2-3 times a week, or as needed