StriVectin Inner Circle FAQs


How do I join StriVectin Inner Circle?

To join StriVectin Inner Circle, all you need to do is create an account on, provide a valid email address and be a resident of the fifty United States, Puerto Rico or Canada. By creating an account, you are enrolling in StriVectin Inner Circle.


Is there any fee required to join?

There is no fee to join StriVectin Inner Circle.


What if I already have an account on

If you created an account on prior to the start of StriVectin Inner Circle, you have been automatically enrolled in the program by StriVectin.


What mailing address should I provide?

You should provide the mailing address where you want any StriVectin Inner Circle communications to be mailed.


Will StriVectin track my purchases?

Yes, once you create a StriVectin Inner Circle account, StriVectin will start tracking your eligible StriVectin Inner Circle purchases. If you were automatically enrolled by StriVectin at the start of StriVectin Inner Circle, the start date for tracking your purchases will be the start of StriVectin Inner Circle (March 6, 2012).


What purchases are eligible to be tracked?

Merchandise purchases on or through StriVectin Customer Care, excluding discounts, taxes, shipping and returns, are eligible to be counted as StriVectin Inner Circle purchases. Eligible purchases are only counted when made through your StriVectin Inner Circle account. Always remember to sign in to your StriVectin Inner Circle account when making a purchase. When ordering via phone, you will be asked for name, address, phone number or email address to identify you as a StriVectin customer and as Inner Circle member. If you purchase through as a guest user or do not have StriVectin Customer Care order through your account when you place an order, your purchase will not be counted toward your StriVectin Inner Circle purchases. Purchases will become eligible for tracking at the point your order ships to you and your credit card has been charged.


Purchases made at Department Store, Specialty Retail locations or websites other than do not qualify as eligible StriVectin Inner Circle spending.


How many Inner Circle Rewards points do I earn for each dollar I spend?

You will earn one Inner Circle Rewards point for each dollar in eligible StriVectin Inner Circle purchases. An eligible purchase is a merchandise purchase, excluding discounts, but before taxes, shipping and returns.


Do purchases I made before joining StriVectin Inner Circle get tracked or counted toward my eligible purchases?

Purchases made prior to creating your StriVectin Inner Circle account will not be counted. If you already had an account and were automatically enrolled in the program by StriVectin, purchases made before the start date of the program will not be counted.


Will I receive Inner Circle Rewards points for the purchases I made before the program changed?

Any eligible StriVectin Inner Circle purchases that you had in your account balance as of January 31, 2013 11:59 p.m., less $250 for any Visa Prepaid Card you earned as a reward, will be converted into StriVectin Inner Circle Rewards points at the rate of one per dollar of eligible StriVectin Inner Circle purchases. For example, if you had $300 in eligible StriVectin Inner Circle spending as of January 31, 2013 and you earned a $20 Visa Prepaid Card for spending $250, you would start the points program with 50 points ($300 - $250 for earning the reward = $50 = 50 points).


Starting on February 1, 2013, we will start tracking your purchases and convert those purchases to points at the rate of one point per dollar of merchandise purchased.


It’s my birthday this month. Why didn’t I receive my birthday offer?

If you did not receive a birthday offer in the month of your birthday, it is probably because StriVectin does not have your birth month and date information as part of your account. Just sign into your account on and provide your birth month and date. If you provide your birthday information during your birth month, you may not receive your birthday offer until the following month.


I’m an Elite Rewards member. Will I lose my Elite Rewards status in the new program?

The new program will not have Elite Rewards as a member status. There will also no longer be special Elite Rewards benefits. You will continue to have all the benefits you enjoyed previously and now you can earn points to redeem for exciting rewards, including free StriVectin products and Cash Rewards to be used for StriVectin purchases.


Can I still earn Visa Prepaid Cards?

You will not be able to earn Visa Prepaid Cards as of February 1, 2013. If you spent $250, or a multiple thereof, before January 31, 2013 at 11:59 p.m., you are entitled to, and will receive, any cards you earned.


Is the Visa Prepaid Card I already have, or I am about to receive, still valid?

The StriVectin Elite Rewards Visa Prepaid card is valid for up to six months from the date of issue. StriVectin does not administer the Visa Prepaid Card program. To check card terms, conditions, and limitations, go to for details.


Why did you change the program? Why can’t I receive a Visa Prepaid Card anymore?

We’ve enhanced the benefits and rewards in the program to make it more rewarding for our members by giving you more options. Although you will not be able to earn Visa Prepaid Cards anymore, you can earn points that you can redeem for exciting Inner Circle Rewards like free StriVectin products and Cash Rewards to be used for StriVectin purchases.


Do Inner Circle Rewards points expire?

Yes, Inner Circle Rewards points expire one year from the date they are added to your account. That means your points balance could change as points you have not redeemed expire. Make sure you use any Inner Circle Rewards points before they expire.


What happens if I return a product I purchased under the old program after the program converts to points?

If you purchased a product before January 31, 2013 and return it after February 1, 2013, StriVectin will deduct points from your Inner Circle Rewards points balance at the rate of one point per dollar of merchandise returned. For example, if you have 300 Inner Circle Rewards points and return $100 worth of products, we would deduct 100 points and your new balance would be 200 points. If you do not have enough points for StriVectin to fully deduct the points for returning the product, we will deduct enough points so that your Inner Circle Rewards points balance is zero.


Who do I call with Inner Circle questions?

You can contact Inner Circle Member Care at 1-800-432-3082.