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StriVectinLABS Facial Toner

The high-tech solution for ageless skin

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Like all muscles in the body, facial muscles need to be gently exercised to preserve the muscle mass and volume that define the shape of the face. This FDA-cleared, hands-free device utilizes the same advanced electrotherapy technology used in doctors’ offices and high-end spas.


  • Delivers treatments through soft medical-grade Gel Pads placed on either side of the face to gently stimulate the underlying facial nerves
  • The nerves control the major facial muscles for a younger looking appearance


The Facial Toner uses gentle, yet effective stimulation in an easy to place, hands-free device. Use on clean, bare skin for 20 minutes daily, five days per week. For a more revitalized, youthful appearance, use consistently for 12 weeks. Your StriVectinLABS Facial Toner unit contains 6 pairs of gel pads, which should allow you to complete a 6-week treatment course. It is recommended that the gel pads be replaced at least once a week.
1. Insert a flathead screwdriver or other similar tool into the recess on the back cover of the controller. Open the battery cover on the back of the controller and insert the three AAA batteries as indicated. Then replace the battery cover.
2. Remove two gel pads from their pack. Carefully remove the blue cover from one gel pad and place it on the paddle of the headset. Repeat with the second gel pad, placing it on the other paddle.
3. Remove the clear plastic covers from the other side of the gel pads. Do not throw these covers away as you will need to place them back onto the gel pads at the end of the session.
4. Connect the control unit to the headset. With the paddles facing forward, bring the headset from behind your head and below your ears, until the gel pads are situated on your face. When correctly positioned, the paddles should lie directly below your cheekbones about one finger’s width in front of each ear. Note: Avoid placing the paddles directly onto the cheekbones, as this can lead to an uncomfortable sensation.
5. The paddles should always be positioned in a line between the middle of your ear and your nose. Do not try to place the paddles on the temples or across the throat.
6. Press and hold the on/off button for two seconds to switch your unit on.
7. Choose your desired program by pressing the program button (P).
8. Using the intensity buttons, increase the intensity to a level that is comfortable for you. The intensity goes from 0-99. You should increase the intensity to a level where you can feel small facial muscle contractions and then reduce the intensity one step at a time until this stops and feels like a gentle stimulating massage.
9. When you have completed your session, switch off the unit and remove the applicator from your face. Be sure to replace the clear plastic covers on the gel pads. Leave the gel pads on the paddles and store the product safely until your next session.