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StriVectinLABS Facial Toner Gel Pads

Replenishment gel pads for the StriVectinLABS Facial Toner

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Used with the StriVectinLABS Facial Toner, these replacement gel pads are designed to transmit the electrotherapy technology that stimulates the nerves surrounding the facial muscles for a more youthful appearance.


  • Designed to transmit the electrotherapy technology that targets the nerves surrounding the facial muscles
  • Conducts the stimulation technology that gently contracts and relaxes the facial muscles
  • Ensures the consistent application of the electrotherapy technology across facial muscles


Remove two gel pads from their pack. Carefully remove the blue cover from one gel pad and place it on the paddle of the headset. Repeat with the second gel pad, placing it on the other paddle. Remove the clear plastic covers from the other side of the gel pads. Do not throw these covers away as you will need to place them back onto the gel pads at the end of the session. It’s recommended that gel pads be replaced at least once a week.
  • The gel pads are for single person use only.
  • The durability and effectiveness of the gel pads depends entirely on the proper use, storage and care on the part of the user, certain skin types, the number and duration of sessions and the intensity used.
  • You should ensure your skin is clean and free of oils, creams and other lotions before use.
  • Ensure your hands are clean before handling the gel pads. You should avoid touching the skin side of the gel pads with your fingers as much as possible when applying or removing them from the applicator, as this can transfer oils and skin particles to the adhesive surface.
  • After use, replace the covers marked “Face” on the gel pads before storing until next use.