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When to Start Using Anti-Aging Skincare

As you come into your own, your skincare should evolve with you

You’ve got your place at the table, and you’re feeling ready for what life has in store. And whether you’re flying solo or in a relationship, you love the skin you’re in. So why not take care of it? What steps are you taking to lean in to not only your work/life but your skincare?

 We talked to Francine Krenicki, our VP of Product Development and skin aficionado, about how to evolve your skincare as you come into your own. Here’s the download.

It’s never too soon to start.

According to Krenicki, “having a bad skin day is like having a bad hair day, and you need a basic and consistent skincare regimen to get smart about your skin and build good habits for the future.” If you wear makeup, you should be using skincare. And just because time may be on your side, different skin situations happen at different points in your life – hormonal imbalances, fatigue, partying, and all sorts of stressors could be wreaking havoc on your skin which is your body’s largest organ.

Clean the slate. 

Krenicki notes that “good cleansing is key, and that taking your makeup off before bed is essential.” Whether you worked up a sweat or binge-watched in bed, you’ve got to remove the day. No skincare routine should be without this very crucial first step. Speaking of sleep, get as much as you can each night so those circadian rhythms can help to rejuvenate your skin cells while you dream big. Krenicki recommends products formulated for nighttime use to set you up with some sunshine in the morning.

Protect your barrier. 

Think of your skin as a blockade from both indoor and outdoor factors that could compromise its health. From device-induced blue light to outdoor pollutants, a lot of young people are feeling irritated, and it’s not just because they’re stressed out. Dry and dehydrated skin is not a good look – or a good feeling. Products like our SD Advanced™ PLUS Moisturizer targets ten types of collagen (collagen keeps your skin cushiony) to keep your machine functioning at its best, and reinforces skin to delay aging. Bonus: it delivers 72 hours of continuous moisture* for a plump, smooth complexion.

To keep your skin strong and healthy-looking, give your barrier a boost. Since dermatologists are seeing an uptick in twenty-something Botox requests, keep in mind that preventing fine lines and wrinkles before they start is as simple as using a great anti-aging cream right now. 

Don’t leave home without this. 

SPF is one of the essential steps in maintaining healthy skin, and it’s not just for sun worshippers anymore. The newest sun products can help with blue light protection from screen overload and also act as a tinted moisturizer for those who like products that can multitask. That’s a win-win for your skin. 

Target with technology and trends. 

Technology has advanced skincare in many ways and according to Krenicki, “targeting skin functions should start at a young age. Factors like epigenetics, the study of how lifestyle and environment can affect how we age, come into play for people of all ages”. Understanding how the world we live in can affect the skin we’re in is not only priceless, but ageless. As for trends, she continues that next-gen skincare is all about vitamins – “you’ll be seeing a continued obsession with Vitamin A (Retinol) and some amazing new takes on Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid). Look for StriVectin to combine both A and C in a way that nobody has ever done before”. 

Cheers to great skin days – all day, every day. 

*Based on instrumental testing


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