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Our Top Fall Skincare Picks

With the leaves changing and the Summer behind us, we’ve got sweater weather on our minds.

With the leaves changing and the Summer behind us, we’ve got sweater weather on our minds. Fall is a lovely time of year, but there’s much more to it than pumpkin spice. As you ponder a closet switch out to make room for all your boots and jackets, think about retooling your regimen for the colder months. 

Here are our top picks to help you ease into the season (hello, holidays) and prepare your skin for colder, drier weather:

Cold weather cleansing. 

 Fall and winter skin can often mean dry skin and redness/sensitivity from cold temperatures and indoor heat. Since we will all be wearing masks for a while longer, cleansing is more crucial than ever to remove debris and prevent irritation. We recommend our Comforting Cream Cleanser, an ultra-gentle, moisturizing cleanser that eliminates makeup and impurities without drying or stripping the skin or damaging the skin barrier. 

Go for the glow.

 If you spent a lot of time outside this Summer, we wouldn’t blame you, but perhaps your skin may look a bit lackluster from or uneven as a result. Exfoliate and rejuvenate your summer skin with our Daily Reveal™ Exfoliating Pads to gently remove dead skin cells and even the skin tone and reduces the look of discoloration. And much like we love a good closet purge, your skin could use a deep clean too. Bonus points for this product at this time of year, mainly because long term mask-wearing may lead to blemish-prone skin.

To keep that summery glow going all season long, we recommend our Peptight™ Tightening & Brightening Face Serum, with two types of peptides to empower your skin to be its tighter, brighter best, as well as enhance clarity and radiance.

Lay it on thick. 

As the weather changes, consider using a thicker moisturizer to give skin an extra boost of hydration while invigorating the skin and strengthening the moisture barrier. Our Multi-Action Restorative Cream is a great multitasking moisturizer to help out with all of the above while helping skin be more resilient to time and lessen the look of lines, wrinkles, and sagging, feeling renewed and appearing healthier and more youthful.

Say ta ta to the turtleneck. 

Yes, it’s time to bundle up, but why not take the plunge and add a neck cream to your skincare wardrobe? Our iconic TL Advanced™ Tightening Neck Cream PLUS helps clarify dark spots and sun damage on the neck & décolleté while visibly firming, tightening, and lifting this delicate area. 

Be safe post-Summer. 

As we all pay more attention to science, it’s worth noting that protecting your skin from both indoor and outdoor UVA, UVB, and blue light protection has never felt more important. We have you covered with a variety of options for next-level defense in our line of Full Screen™ SPF products. 

Hit refresh from head to toe. 

With so many of us working/living from home, self-care is top of mind. Take time out the next time you bathe or shower and treat yourself to our More Shape Less Crepe set, an all-purpose duo to exfoliate and freshen the skin on your body to visibly firming and tightening thin, crepey skin and even your skin tone so you can feel super comfortable with the radiant skin you’re in. Because when it comes to seasonal skincare, it’s all about that mind/body connection.

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