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Exfoliation – the Step You've Been Missing

Only cleansing? Your skin isn't getting the daily renewal it deserves.

The weather is warming, and we're all rethinking just about everything. But if you're only washing the day away without giving skin the deep clean it deserves, you may be missing out. Our skin naturally renews itself about every 28 days, but as we age, our natural renewal process slows down, and a buildup of dead skin cells can make skin appear dry and dull. Clear debris, dirt, and dead skin to have your skin radiant and ready for whatever's in store. Plus, when the skin has a clean canvas, the products you apply after you exfoliate can work more effectively.  

Here are our top picks for glowy, gorgeous show your skin. Pick one as you don’t want to do more than one exfoliating treatment per day.

For the rough radiance seeker:

If your skin feels a bit rough or in need of some get-up and glow, our new Daily Reveal™ Exfoliating Pads boost skin's natural exfoliation rate for clarified, smooth,​ visibly brightened skin. Our unique treatment delivers both chemical exfoliation with four types of acids plus physical exfoliation with a micro-peel fiber pad. Designed to gently remove dead skin cells for the ultimate resurfacing, these powerful pads even skin tone for a glowing complexion. Also great for reducing the appearance of pores and blackheads. 

Use once a day.

For sensitive types:

Don't fret; you can still get your clean on but keep it extra gentle. Incorporate our Tri-Phase Daily Glow Toner into your routine to hydrate and balance skin. A blend of skin-transforming acids and nourishing botanical extracts come together in this triple threat, leaving skin with a radiant, lit-from-within glow. If the words "harsh" and "drying" come to mind when you think toners, think again and discover all the glow-inducing good they can do. Adding a toner to your skincare routine is a simple way to get a little extra from your cleansing regimen. 

Use twice a day, morning and night. Shake to activate all three layers of the product.

 For sweet dreamers:

For dramatic skin renewal in just one night, give our new Lactic Acid Nightly Retexturizing Serum a try. It works like a dream for improving skin texture and luminosity while exfoliating & clarifying for super-soft, ultra-smooth skin. It also visibly reduces fines lines and the look of pores. And when  introducing  products with AHA/BHA acids into your routine,  you’ll want to protect your skin from further UVA/UVB damage with a daily sunscreen. We’ve got some great options right here.

Use at night.

For self-tan selfie-takers:

A buildup of self-tanner can lead to streaks and a less than favorable application. Exfoliating is the best way to prep your skin for any moisturizer or self-tanner product. Start simple with your face using our Daily Reveal™ Exfoliating Pads. Use one pad morning OR night to resurface skin with a multi-acid blend and unique micro-peel fibers for chemical and physical exfoliation. It leaves skin so clarified, smooth, and visibly bright, you could skip the self-tanner. For your body, try an exfoliating treatment like Crepe Control™ Exfoliating Body Scrub to visibly smooth and firm skin with a blend of physical and chemical exfoliants to polish, soften, and brighten rough patches. When paired with Crepe Control™ Tightening Body Cream, it's the ultimate system for youthful-looking results. 

Use 2-3x a week. If you are prepping for a self-tan application, ease off the exfoliation once you’ve developed your desired shade to keep your color from fading more quickly.

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