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The Importance of Cleansing Your Face Daily

Here’s why washing your face every day is a necessity — even if you’re not leaving the house

With so much of our work/life spent keeping things clean, don’t forget to focus on your face too. Because even though you may be wearing less foundation these days, cleansing while at home is still relevant. Have questions about cleansing? We’ve got answers.

Why do I need to wash my face when I’m mostly makeup-free?

Throughout the day, your body produces a natural oil called sebum. Some skin types produce more than others, which can lead to excess pore-clogging oils. And it’s not just your skin you need to be weary of.

Even though your house is spotless (wink, wink), there may be irritants from dust and dirt, grease from all that cooking you’re doing these days, as well as dirty pillows and germs from phones and laptops.

The net-net? There are good and bad bacteria on us at all times. Good hygiene helps keep everything in check. Because if you don’t wash and regularly exfoliate, you won’t have a clean slate to help all your beloved skincare products do their jobs and optimize your routine.

What are some face washing tips and tricks?

First and foremost, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water (chances are you’re already doing that – a lot) before cleansing your face. Also, watch your water temperature. Hot water can dry out skin while ice-cold water isn’t as effective at dislodging oil and debris. So, find a happy medium with warm or lukewarm water.

And though you may want to scrub off the stress of the day, tread lightly. Massage cleanser into skin in a circular fashion – gently – to avoid redness and irritation. Finally, always apply your cleanser to damp skin for best results.

For an easy, do-it-all clean, go with our Multi-Action Moisture Matrix Melting Cleanser. Multiple phases, including a hydrating gel, silky oil, and rich milk, easily melts away makeup and cleanses skin of impurities and pollution for comfortably moisturized, super soft, glowing skin.

Bonus tip: don’t touch your face! Or touch it only when necessary. You already know that, but good habits help.

I’m a bit of an overachiever. Is there such a thing as too much cleansing?

Before you go full tilt, a word to the wise – there’s a chance you can overclean your skin and harm your skin’s lipid and protective barrier, leading to inflammation. So even in these extra vigilant times, too much clean is mean. Look out for bar soaps whose high PH factors can strip your skin and throw off its naturally low pH levels. Wash your face at least once a day, and ideally twice a day.

In case you are wearing makeup these days (like a quick swipe of mascara and a bit of tinted moisturizer for back-to-back Zoom calls), make sure to take it all off before bedtime. Makeup remnants can gunk up your pillow, not to mention your eyes (conjunctivitis is never a good look), as well as clog pores and wreak havoc on those crisp white sheets.

If you tend to overdo it, reach for Comforting Cream Cleanser. This ultra-gentle, daily cleanser removes makeup and impurities without drying or stripping skin of essential moisture.

Sometimes cleansers leave me high and dry. How can I prevent that?

Cleansing your face helps keep optimal hydration levels in skin. Daily cleansing will keep your skin balanced and manage pH levels. To help with water retention, make Hyaluronic Gel Cushion Cleanser your go-to. The silky, lightweight formula effectively cleanses and replenishes skin with essential hydration while refreshing and cooling for super soft skin.

Be sure to always follow a cleanser with the regular steps in your skincare routine. Even the gentlest cleanser can leave you a little dry, so layering on a moisturizer, especially while skin is still damp, will help lock in more of that much-needed moisture.

We recommend Re-Quench Water Cream Hyaluronic + Electrolyte Moisturizer to visibly plump & flood skin with hydration for an energized, glowing complexion.

I want to go deeper. How do I do it?

Boost your routine with a deep cleansing mask once or twice a week. Clay-based masks are great for deep cleaning and pulling out dirt, debris, and oils particularly from pores in the T-Zone. Try our Multi-Action Blue Rescue Clay Renewal Mask to take your dull, tired skin to radiant new levels in only ten minutes. Perfect for a bit of evening self-care or a few quiet moments between calls, housekeeping, and whatever else life may be throwing your way.

May we recommend?

Choosing a cleanser has never been easier. We’ve got you covered no matter your skin type or concern. Get started!

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