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FAQ: Stretch Marks

Everything you need to know about stretch marks, their origins and how to address them

If you’ve ever noticed a network of tiny lines on your skin, you’ve got stretch marks – and you’re not alone. Stretch marks are naturally occurring and very common. In fact, most of us have them. Maybe you love your stretch marks like a beauty mark. Or maybe you’d like to see less of them. Before we share how to improve the look of stretch marks, let’s take a moment to better understand them.

Q: What are stretch marks?

A: Stretch marks result from the tugging of skin on your body, due to its changing shape. They often show up as parallel lines in a range of colors that can include pink, purple or gray hues. Sometimes you can feel them as a slight ridge or indentation on your skin.

Q: What causes them?

A: Stretch marks don’t only appear when you gain weight; they can also show up after losing weight, or by way of a shift in body shape—pregnancy, for example. You might also see them on adolescents who have hit a growth spurt. 

Q:  Who is susceptible to them?

A: Pretty much everyone, but they are most commonly seen on fair skin belonging to women, teenagers, body builders, people on corticosteroid medications and recently pregnant women. Even still, anyone can experience stretch marks—they don’t exactly discriminate. 

Q: How should you deal with them?

A: While stretch marks can lighten over time on their own, the best approach to diminishing their appearance is with a product that directly targets multiple types of collagen.

Q: Go on…

A: Meet our legendary SD Advanced™ PLUS Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate. This formula—an upgraded version of our #1 moisturizer—is better than ever. Powered by NIA-114™ and our upgraded Collagex-CE Complex™ with Copper Tripeptide and Marine Ferment, it targets 10 types of collagen to visibly fade stretch marks in 4 weeks.* Even better: It also reduces the look of wrinkles in 2 weeks.** Never again let stretch marks stop you from feeling your most confident. With SD Advanced™ PLUS Intensive Concentrate, there’s simply no looking back.

*Based on dermal evaluation

 **Based on instrumentation testing after 2 weeks, when used as directed.

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