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Spring Clean Your Skincare

Practice good hygiene, and a bit of restraint, when it comes to maintaining your beauty collection

With so many of us spending a lot (ok all) of our time at home these days, there’s no doubt you’ve thought about purging your coat closet or reorganizing your spice rack. As the trees bloom and the pollen counts rise, take some time to give your makeup and skincare situation the once over.  Here are some ways to get productive and keep it all clean:

Check the expiration date.

Much like produce and food, makeup and skincare can also expire. That green lipstick you bought for Halloween in 2011? Toss it. Or how about that collection of sample-sized body lotions you took from your honeymoon in Europe how many years ago? Say bon voyage. Kidding aside, products lose their efficacy and even harbor bacteria and contaminants when they are expired, so look around your vanity or medicine cabinet and drop the old stuff. Since your products may not have an expiration date stamped clearly on the package, the general rule of thumb is one year for skincare that’s open (two years if sealed), while makeup products like mascara have a three-month shelf life, while foundation can last up to a year. Perfume is good for about two years, but for all your products, look for changes in texture, smell, and color to know if they should go in the trash vs. on your body.

Go minimal.

Marie Kondo mania seems like a million years ago, but her ethos still resonates as we rethink what we really need in this newfound “essentials only” world. To declutter and cleanse your space, get downright mindful about what you need.  As skincare experts, we love a multi-step routine, but if your mood of late is more minimal, embrace it. Keep the stuff that makes you feel nourished and cared for, lose the stuff that doesn’t.


Do it clean.

COVID-19 has made all of us a bit more OCD when it comes to hand washing and cleaning in general, and rightly so. Have a look at your makeup brushes and clean them. An excellent method if you don’t have any brush cleaner is mixing olive oil and Dawn dish soap on a plate in equal measures and swishing your brushes around in the solution. Then, run them under water and swish in your palm until they are clean. Dry them flat, and you’ll have makeup brushes prepped and primed for when you wear makeup again, or at least in time for that early Zoom call with your team. If you use a device for cleansing, regularly clean the brush head to avoid the spread of germs- basic soap and water or rubbing alcohol will do the trick.  And have a look at everything from your toothbrush to your skincare containers and wash them to ensure they are sanitized and ready to rock.

Order in the court (or the cabinet).

Is your medicine cabinet a mess? Take the time to organize your products by category (serums, eye creams, moisturizers) or by time of day you apply (tinted moisturizers for day, heavier creams for night) and don’t forget to stow products that are out of step and out of season. There are lots of options out there when it comes to organizing. We love The Container Store for their vast array of trays and lucite components you can buy online and use to keep it all together when the going gets rough.

Reassess your regimen.

Just like you have winter and summer clothes, your skincare could also use a switch up. The warmer, aka sweatier months call for lightweight options like water creams vs. thicker, heavier options. And maybe you’ve been logging more hours online than usual and need to rethink your eye cream options. One thing you should have in your rotation year-round? Sunscreen. It’s not just for beach days, and with all of this blue light exposure and time sitting by sunny windows, it’s never been more critical to incorporate a sun product.

So, whether you’re more of a maximalist or minimalist, take a moment and think about best practices when it comes to what works and what needs a boost during this new way of life and new season. 

Looking to freshen up your skincare for spring/summer? Here’s some recommendations from our team:

Multi-Action Blue Rescue Clay Renewal Mask:

Clear the way for spring with this clay mask that absorbs oil and unclogs pores with a probiotic complex that helps to balance skin’s good bacteria. Use a 2-3x a week for best results.

BlurFector™ for Eyes Lid & Undereye Brightening Primer:

Springtime is allergy time and all of that pollen can not only give you the sniffles, but also dark circles in your undereye area. This a great primer for eyeshadow, plus an instant perk up when you may need it most.

Full Screen™ Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Clear Finish

We know you’re not outside as much as you would like, but if you are walking your dog around the block or hanging in the yard with your family, you need sun and pollution protection, not to mention a shield against all of that blue light from screens.  Our SPF is packed with healthy vitamins, protects against both UVA and UVB rays, and is reef safe. It also comes in illuminating and mineral vanishing tint finishes, so you have options when it comes to protecting and defending this season and beyond. 

Peptight™ Tightening & Brightening Face Serum

Put some pep in your serum step this spring. This lightweight lifter helps with hyperpigmentation and provides instant radiance as it tightens and brightens. It smells fresh and will perk up your medicine cabinet. Lightweight and easy to incorporate into any regimen.

Re-Quench Water Cream Hyaluronic + Electrolyte Moisturizer

If you’re looking for a lighter moisturizer, this one is great for all skin types and provides deep hydration while plumping and providing skin with a soft feel. Remember, even oily skin types can get dehydrated, so don’t skip out on a good moisturizer altogether as the mercury rises.


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