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Special Delivery: Optimized Surface Release Retinol

Expertly engineered with advanced technology to deliver Retinol evenly and continuously onto the skin.

Retinol can be one of the most volatile and sensitive ingredients to formulate with. It’s sensitive to everything including heat, light and even oxidizes quickly when exposed to air.  So how you deliver it into the skin really matters if you want the most from your Retinol.

 Microsponge vs. Encapsulated

Up until now, Encapsulated Retinols have attempted to address these issues. It can be compared to a glass ball or egg – when it’s broken, the Retinol comes flooding out and starts to degrade. So as soon as it hits your skin, it’s already losing potency. Optimized Surface Release, or Microsponge, however, protects the Retinol more evenly because the active ingredient is embedded in sponge “canals.” The sponge starts to dissolve onto the skin and a continuous release of potent Retinol begins.

State-of-the-Art Science

Many Retinol products on the market lose their efficacy as time goes on. To counteract Retinol degradation, StriVectin carefully manages every step in the development of our products to ensure formula stability and efficacy. In addition to our smart ingredient technology, we start at the source, our manufacturing laboratories. We carefully blanket our formulas with nitrogen gas to create a vacuum environment to preserve formula potency.  We also even make our Retinol products in special UV lighting to avoid photo degradation.

 Gentle Enough for Nightly Use

Our Advanced Retinol Nightly Moisturizer is unlike other Retinol products because there’s no wait period. Along with our Microsponge technology, we pair up a skin barrier-strengthening NIA-114™ with a dry skin-soothing complex. This contains a first-of-its-kind Peptide + Beta-Glucan + Ginger Root Extract to visibly reduce the look of redness and deliver skin-soothing benefits. It’s our unique blend for delivering the benefits of Retinol without any irritation. 

Face the Day

Now you can wear Retinol 24/7 with our NEW Advanced Retinol Daily Repair Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30. It’s even derm-approved by our consultant Dr. Lindsey:

“You get the best of all worlds with this one; an effective Retinol paired with a hydrating moisturizer and protective sunscreen. It makes it simple and easy to successfully add a Retinol into your routine! This product has an optimized surface release Retinol utilizing a unique Microsponge delivery system to provide efficient and effective conversion of Retinol into the skin without irritation as well as a Retinol-Mimicking Peptide.”

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