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Skincare for a Stressed-Out Complexion

Stress less at home with these self-care staples

Feeling stressed? There’s a chance your skin may be feeling it as well. Signs of too much screen time, irregular sleep, or overindulging in caffeine, carbs, or cocktails can show up on your face in the form of fine lines, dryness or dehydration. While you counter these concerns by staying active with streaming workouts, trying to eat well and getting good rest, here are some ways to help your skin stress less.

Feeling sleepless and over-screened. Is your sleep suffering?

We get it. Couple that with too much screen time/news time/video conference time messing with your circadian rhythm and your eyes are showing signs of stress and fatigue. From dark circles to puffiness and even seeing more fine lines, your eyes could use a bit of brightening after all of that blue light.

The solution: our Hyaluronic Tripeptide Gel-Cream for Eyes is a dual phased formula that nourishes and moisturizes. It helps neutralize the visible effects of blue light exposure, while the cooling gel intensely hydrates, moisturizes, and helps with puffiness and fine lines.

Skin’s current mood? Cranky.

You’re sheltered in place and your skin is getting cranky. Besides the range of emotions, your skin may be feeling a bit fussy from snacking and drinking and lack of rest. You may be short on time between homework assignments and work calls, and you’d love to keep calm and de-clog in a short amount of time.

The solution: our masks are formulated to deliver a lot of skin-loving goodness in a short amount of time to get you back into the healthy skin zone. Our Cloudberry Moisture™ Plumping Cream Mask is great for dry, stressed-out skin, restoring moisture, visibly plumping, and a giving skin a dewy, healthy glow. If your pores are clogged and your skin feels dull or tired, our Multi-Action Blue Rescue Clay Renewal Mask is like a skincare SOS and balances oil, cleans out pores, and brings some balance. And if your skin is inflamed and needs some calm, our Supergreens Soother™ Cooling Gel Mask detoxes and is great for anti-redness and inflammation. Find ten minutes to mask and your skin will thank you.

Feeling dry (and you’re not in the desert).

Stress and lack of sleep are known to diminish skin’s precious collagen reserves. Whether you’re washing your face excessively or soaking up too much blue light from devices, your skin may be in need of some moisture. If your skin is feeling irritated and is not at its best, don’t fret. You may just need a little boost.

The solution: our SD Advanced™ PLUS Moisturizer targets ten types of collagen to keep your skin cushiony and high functioning. It also delivers 72 hours of continuous moisture* for a plump, smooth complexion and gives your barrier a boost to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

ISO a skin sleep aide. Squinting, frowning, and fretting?

All of this isolation is causing your skin to feel more wrinkled, dull, and uneven. Add that to the fact that the only “me” time you get these days is while you’re sleeping, and you may be looking to treat yourself with something luxe and sensorial.

The solution: our S.T.A.R. Light™ Retinol Night Oil smells divine, feels great, and gives skin some Retinol-powered nourishment just before bedtime. Loaded with nourishing antioxidants and biomimetic Retinol, this formula boasts a heavenly, relaxing fragrance and absorbs into skin in a flash without feeling greasy. It corrects, soothes, and protects your skin while moisturizing and correcting the look of fine lines, wrinkles, texture, and tone. So, change out of those day pjs and into your night pjs and pat this on for visibly transformed skin.

*Based on instrumental testing

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