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Skin tips for Fall:

How to maintain skin health during pumpkin spice season

There’s nothing quite like those first whiffs of Fall air to make us think of cozy nights, leaf-peeping, and chunky knit sweaters. But besides switching your latte order from iced to hot, what happens to your skin as we transition from Summer to Fall? Read our handy guide for some help managing the change of seasons.

The most significant indicator of chillier weather and less humidity is increased dryness when it comes to your skin. The combination of the drier air mixed with heaters clicking on indoors and environmental factors like wind is tough on skin. And for sensitive types, you may notice additional sensitivity or flare-ups of conditions like eczema or rosacea. Boost your barrier with thicker moisturizers and face oils like our new Super-B Barrier Strengthening Oil

 to combat these symptoms to keep your skin moisturized, hydrated, healthy, and happy.

Another concern is dullness. As we move away from humidity and embrace colder temperatures, our skin might lack brightness. To combat the Fall dull-droms, go for products with Vitamin C to keep your summer glow in tow. We love our latest moisturizer which combines Vitamin C and SPF, to protect while brightening.

One of the most significant problem areas at this time of year is the lips. The dry air can make them feel dehydrated and flaky. According to our resident skintellectual and VP of Product Development & Regulatory, Francine Krenicki, “ambient humidity drops dramatically outside and in the house after Summer. When it’s low, your lips require more moisture and better barrier care.” And compared to the skin on our bodies, the lip barrier (the skin on our lips) is thin and fragile, with fewer protective layers. And because our lips don’t have oil glands and cannot self-lubricate, they are more vulnerable to moisture loss and damage. They also withstand constant movement and are exposed to environmental aggressors. Use a lip mask during the day to visibly support lip health and at night to restore lost moisture. We recommend our Hyaluronic Omega Moisture Lip Mask, a deeply nourishing formula clinically shown to strengthen the lip barrier for lasting moisture. 

Often the first place we see signs of aging, our hands need extra help as we bundle up. Hands are often the most over-exposed parts of the body. Environmental factors like sun exposure and extreme weather, along with lifestyle factors like your profession and hobbies, can all affect this thin, delicate skin. Add in all that extra hand washing we’ve been doing, and it’s clear adding a hand cream as the last step in your routine is essential. Try our Volumizing & Rejuvenating Hand Cream and put the science of skincare in your hands.

And SPF is vital to healthy skin all year round. Just because it’s no longer beach weather doesn’t mean you should ease up on the SPF, so don’t go for that dog walk without it. The UV index could still be high, and since we are indoors a whole lot more, protecting your skin from that extra blue light and screen time is key to maintaining and protecting healthy skin.

 Another thing to consider is the accumulation of dead skin from summer’s overexposure to the sun, oil build-up from sweat, and layers of products like SPFs. According to Krenicki, “gentle exfoliation is a great way to reset your skin. Adding in a lactic acid serum like our Lactic Acid Nightly Retexturizing Serum is great because it exfoliates and moisturizes while leaving skin super smooth in the morning. A lactic  acid serum also helps prep your skin for a richly textured moisturizer like our Wrinkle Recode™ Moisture Rich Barrier Cream. I’ll be adding both to my Fall routine so I can push my moisture plumping factor and exfoliate without drying or stripping my skin”.

As you rethink your regimen, we recommend purchasing a good humidifier to boost at-home hydration. Because they add moisture to the air, a humidifier will help your skin fight dryness and help with the effects of heating systems that dry out and irritate our skin.

Cheers to a new season, and your best skin days ever.

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