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Sea Salt Ferment: An Ingredient Journey 

We go to the ends of the Earth to bring your skin the latest, greatest ingredients.

The lure of the sea has always had a significant role in humankind. From Captain Hook to Ernest Hemingway’s deep-sea adventures to the romance of exotic musicals like South Pacific, the high seas have always been a place of contemplation, inspiration, and discovery. So it’s not surprising that some of the best ingredients in skincare are sourced from its mysterious depths. Let’s dive into our seaworthy saga here.

Our story begins deep below sea level in the depths of the Indian Ocean aboard the vessel Hesperides in 2010. A group of marine biologists discovered a mythical ingredient that nourishes, moisturizes, and rejuvenates with marine biotic power. Think Steve Zissou and Jacques Cousteau coming together to uncover a salty, skin-loving ingredient we’re loving right now. Mined at 3400m below sea level close to Reunion Island (which is home to an active volcano), this smart seafaring ingredient is well worth diving to great depths to uncover the latest, greatest, and most effective biodiverse ingredients.

Once extracted, the journey continued to Spain to ferment the exotic sea plant with nutrient-rich marine salts at a private facility. The resulting product is rich in exopolysaccharides (long sugar polymers that form a film on the skin) but also provide nourishment, moisturization, and rejuvenate skin. Explore the high seas with this miraculous marine marvel. It’s a far-flung adventure in ingredient form.  

Discover our stellar seaworthy products here:

SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate

Our iconic moisturizer, enhanced by our proprietary sea salt ferment targets 10 types of collagen, visibly diminishing lines and wrinkles plus increasing moisturization.

Hyaluronic Tripeptide Gel Cream for Eyes

This formula hydrates with hyaluronic acid while helping to diminish the look of crow’s feet and dark circles with our bio marine extracts.

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