Skin Care

The Science of Bounce

How targeting elastin is the secret to more youthful-looking skin

In work and life, getting your bounce-back can include anything from changing your diet to getting more sleep to a new romance or just about anything that puts that much-needed spring in your step. But science plays a significant role when it comes to that youthful bounce in your skin.

 That’s because, much like an elastic band, young skin snaps back and maintains its shape.  As we age, skin loses that beautiful bounce, leading to sagging skin and volume loss.  The source of skin’s bounce is natural elastin,  so we need targeted treatments that visibly lift, firm, and plump the face and jawline to counteract its loss for a more youthful and “elevated” looking contour.  

In addition to aging, environmental stressors like sun exposure and pollution contribute to the loss of elastin as does rapid and substantial weight loss. And though most conversations and products targeting aging skin focus on lines and wrinkles, a solid elastin boosting routine should include a tightening cream that moisturizes and lifts.

Our NEW Contour Restore™ Tightening & Sculpting Face Cream targets natural elastin for visibly firm, plump, and lifted skin, with bounce boosting ingredients like Thyme Extract Liposomes to visibly restore fullness and resculpt the look of facial contours. In contrast, Elastin-Targeting Dipeptides target elastin for a tighter, more lifted look. And the results are nothing short of uplifting. This contour cream visibly improves sagging skin along the jawline in 4 weeks*, while visibly plumping cheek folds in 8 weeks*.

You may also want to try a targeted eye treatment, as the skin around our eyes needs some extra “tightening” loving care. Our NEW Contour Restore™ Firming Moisture Balm for Eyes visibly restores contour & elasticity to the delicate eye area. This richly textured, fast-absorbing balm is powered by Elastin-Targeting Peptides to visibly restore shape, elasticity, and firmness to the peaceful eye area. Plus, powerful hydrating ingredients mimic skin's natural moisturizing factors to help surge moisture to the skin.

 And along with that bounce, why not put some pep in your skincare step?

Peptides are a must-have ingredient if you’re seeing the loss of firmness or slackened skin, dullness, discoloration, or uneven skin tone. Our PepTight™ Tightening and Brightening Face Serum is a dual-focus serum that visibly tightens, brightens, and evens skin tone. Tetrapeptides target collagen and help improve firmness and elasticity, and hexapeptides brightens and improve the look of dark spots Boosted by our proprietary form of Niacin/B3 clinically proven to strengthen the skin barrier, the clinical results are in, and they’re out of this world- 100% saw an improvement in skin brightness*, 96% showed an improvement in elasticity*, and 93 % saw an improvement in sagging skin and uneven tone. * 

 So, with a bit of a regimen rethink and a whole lot of science, you can get that bounce back for the new year and beyond.   

*Based on expert grading when used as directed on 32 subjects

**Based on expert grading evaluation at eight weeks

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