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Put Some Science in Your Skincare

The secret to healthy-looking skin starts with science.

As we all adjust to mastering our best angles for Zoom calls and trying to amp up our work-from-home wardrobes, one thing's for sure - science is having a moment. From global health to saving the planet—and yes, even skincare—science and its authority are at the center of countless discussions.

As a science-first skincare brand with over three decades of biomedical research behind us, we know the value of a scientific approach and perspective. Here’s how our born-in-the-lab heritage has helped us create some of skincare’s most innovative (and maybe some of your favorite) products.

Science makes sense.

We may be a long way from high school chemistry class, but we're still nerds for science because even when things seem out of balance, we can always trust that science makes sense. We formulate responsibly using the most powerful, effective ingredients at perfectly calibrated levels for the right results. 100% of our finished formulas are validated by independent clinical testing to ensure real, visible results.

Pushing the boundaries.

We are driven by a desire to create stronger products that deliver more results in less time. And we invest a lot of time and energy into product development. We dedicated two years to researching and testing combinations of Vitamin C and Retinol for our Super-C Retinol Brighten & Correct Vitamin C Serum. This comprehensive deep dive produced a supercharged serum that is both transformative and tolerable, to visibly brighten, firm and correct, without common irritation.

When we first launched SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles and Stretch Marks, it became an instant icon, known for first-of-its-kind peptide technology that targeted two types of collagen. Even though this formula was a best-seller, we continued our collagen-targeting research and launched the upgraded, SD Advanced™ PLUS Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate, which is clinically proven to target ten types of collagen for more youthful-looking skin, delivering visible results to wrinkles on the face in just two weeks and stretch marks in four weeks.

Our team of skincare experts knows that wrinkles haven’t changed, but how we get them has. That insight drove the thinking behind our super-powered serum, Wrinkle Recode™ Line Transforming Melting Serum.  Inspired by the science of epigenetics (the study of how lifestyle and environment can affect how we age), Wrinkle Recode Serum features BioRecode Technology, to help revitalize skin’s own wrinkle defenses to visibly reduce lines—and even deep, stubborn wrinkles—in just seven days. 

The secret sauce.

Discovered by biomedical researchers, our proprietary NIA-114™ technology is an optimized form of Niacin/Vitamin B3 clinically proven to strengthen the skin barrier and supercharge the performance of other advanced ingredients.. Niacin is one of the most effective ingredients for aging skin, known to target multiple concerns, visibly reduce lines and wrinkles and improve skin’s overall appearance. Our exclusive molecule is backed by over 35 years of research, countless independent clinical studies and global patents - and that’s why it’s found in every single one of our formulas.

Science is the future.

As science enjoys the spotlight, we’re inspired by what the future holds for skincare. Our VP of Product Development and resident science guru Francine Krenicki says: “Science is at our core and it will definitely lead our future. This is such an exciting time for skincare.  As we look to the future, we’ll continue to innovate with expertise and authority, a commitment to responsibility, research and results and a focus on skin health and vitality.”

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