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Proven Pairings for Perfect Skin

These are the skincare and de-stressing duos we’re loving right now

PB & J. Yin and yang. Sun and sand. Some things are just better together. Solo skincare may not be the best solution for giving your skin what it needs to be its very best. We came up with a few perfect pairings to show you just when you should double up during your skincare routine:

The unlikely (yet dynamic) duo.

Vitamin C and Retinol. These two gold standard ingredients brighten dull, tired skin plus firm and correct skin. Retinol smooths rough texture and fine lines while Vitamin C helps to restore clarity and brighten skin that’s in the dull-droms. Both of these power-packed ingredients are great on their own but even better together and are rarely paired. Our new Super-C Retinol Brighten & Correct Vitamin C Serum is the 1, 2 punch your skin needs to be its radiant best now and next.

The pumped-up protectors.

It’s no secret that sunscreen should be an essential part of your routine for indoor (screen time) and outdoor (sun time) use. As a final step to your routine, don’t stay/leave home without it. For extra protection, add a moisturizer that helps boost and protect your collagen while keeping skin hydrated and moisturized. If you’re looking for a new twosome, we’ve got you covered. Try our line-up of Advanced SPFs, add our iconic SD Advanced™ PLUS Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate and see stronger, smoother, protected skin all season.

The multi-tasking match.

Give your skin exactly what it needs with a mask to home in on problem areas. Our selection of Multi-Action Masks hydrate, plump, detox – you name it, we’ve got a mask for it. But before spreading on the good stuff, be sure to thoroughly cleanse skin. Since masks go deep into pores, it’s important to keep these layers of skin clear or risk inflammation and irritation. Our Moisture Matrix Melting Cleanser washes skin away of impurities and pollution, without stripping or drying.

Now, we all know skincare is the obvious way to target specific concerns and keep skin it’s healthy-looking best. But starting at the source, by addressing skin-stressors like lifestyle and environmental aggressors, will leave with you skin that’s easier to treat. Stressed skin can appear dull or extra oily, with bumps, breakouts, redness and more. Our solve? Self-care. Here are some of our favorites ways to wind down for a healthier complexion. 

A guided meditation and a fluffy duvet.

We’ve recently discovered the Insight Timer app, an amazing (and free) resource for loads of guided meditations to address everything from productivity to anxiety to insomnia. Sneak some self-care time under the covers in the morning and evening and take a time out.  

A new podcast and a walk around town. 

If you’re feeling a bit of cabin fever, take a stroll around your neck of the woods and use the time to take in the scenery and expand your knowledge base with a new podcast. We’re currently loving the High Low, a cheeky podcast by writers Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes that talks about the highbrow, the lowbrow and everything between. 

A bubble bath and champagne. 

Yes, it’s decadent; but go ahead and indulge. Fill up the tub with your favorite potion and take a champagne supernova soak to ease away the stresses of the day.


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