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Pore Education 101

Understanding what they are and how they work is the first step to addressing pore problems

What Causes Enlarged Pores?

Enlarged pores and blackheads are not just a concern for teens – they can affect people of all ages. While these formative years are often when pores & blackheads become a more common concern (mostly due to hormones), many have experienced these aggravating blemishes all the way into adulthood. And there’s multiple reasons why, including genetics and natural aging – something we can outsmart, but not ignore.


The Role Pores Play

Pores are a good thing! These small openings in the skin connected to your hair follicles help to release oils and sweat, making them an important feature for a healthy, clear complexion. However, when dirt, bacteria, or sebum become trapped, you’ll run into multiple concerns.

The 3 Core Pore Problems

It’s unfortunately impossible to shrink the size of pores. But the good news is that you can make them appear smaller by focusing in on these common problems: dead skin buildup (leading to blackheads), sagging skin (leading to enlarged pores), and excess oil (leading to shiny skin).

1. Blackheads

These pesky dots form when the opening of a hair follicle becomes congested with dead skin cells and oil producing a bump called a comedo. Air gets in the clogged pore causing the collected sebum oil and dead skin cells to oxidize and turn black. ​

2. Enlarged Pores

The collagen structure around a pore is what maintains its shape. Over time, gravity takes its toll, and this collagen weakens and breaks down, causing loss of elasticity in the skin. With less support, the pore lining stretches out and becomes a more visible opening on the face.

3. Excess Oil

Sebum, our natural oils, are formed by triglycerides, free fatty acids, wax esters, squalene, and cholesterol. Produce too much, and skin will appear overly shiny. It can also clog pores leading to blackheads. (A vicious cycle, we know.) On top of this, many skincare fixes can also leave skin feeling dry and tight, requiring more follow up and effort.


Our Solution:

Super Shrink Pore Minimizing Serum, clinically proven to visibly minimize pores & blackheads in just 3 days*. It’s powered by Betaine Salicylate (a Beta Hydroxy Acid and natural form of Salicylic Acid) that helps eliminate blackheads while calming skin plus Clarifying Enzymes that visibly reduce excess oil. Plus, the texture is lightweight and mattifying, making it ideal for all skin types, but especially for those prone to a greasy complexion. For best results, use AM & PM before moisturizer in place of your current serum.

*Based on expert grading on 42 subjects, when used as directed.

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