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Ask Francine:

We asked Francine Krenicki, our VP of Product Development & Regulatory and in-house skintellectual, how sleep provides a perfect backdrop for healthier-looking skin and a radiant complexion.

Does my skin need 8 hours of sleep? What happens to my skin overnight?

Though 8 hours of sleep seems more like a dream than a reality, science has shown us that sleep is essential for everything from our metabolism to managing stress to feeling more focused and energized during the day. It's also necessary for comprehensive skincare renewal and restoration. Here's everything you need to know about PM skincare and why you need it.

Daytime stress. 

Much like our bodies and minds, our skin is under stress during the day. From outdoor pollution, sun, and all of that blue light from screens, our skin is in a constant state of stress. In the evening, our skin is in recovery mode and needs to rest and recoup. At night, the skin is activated to rejuvenate while we sleep. Pro tip: don't forget to cleanse thoroughly at night to relieve skin from environmental stressors and your makeup. 

All about cell production. 

In the evening, our human growth hormones go to work to help our cells repair and regenerate. Overnight, our cell production can almost double or even triple. To keep skin at its healthy-looking best, keep your skin in the renewal zone and also use a moisturizer to keep nightly water loss in check. 

 Meet the dream team. 

Two ingredients are particularly dreamy when it comes to PM skincare, lactic acid, and Retinol. 

Unlike other Alpha-hydroxy Acids (A.H.A.s), Lactic Acid improves skin's natural moisturizing factors while gently resurfacing dull, dry skin. Exfoliation is essential to get that gorgeous, well-rested glow. Because of skin’s photosensitivity, A.H.A.s are better to use at night. Lactic acid is great for and helps transform a dull and tired complexion while improving skin tone. And unlike other A.H.A.s such as Glycolic Acid, lactic acid is a bit gentler so that you can wake up to super smooth, baby-soft skin and a renewed radiance.

Retinol is another ingredient that is often called the "gold standard" of skincare. And although it's hyper-effective on lines and wrinkles, slack skin, and dullness, some formulations can result in sensitivity or irritation. But with technology, Retinol has been reimagined to deliver all the benefits without irritating and nourishing our skin while we sleep.

Here are a few recommendations to boost your bedtime routine:

 Gently wash the day away. 

Cleansing is key to any skincare routine, but harsh cleansers can damage our skin barriers.  Our Comforting Cream Cleanser is ultra-gentle and removes makeup and impurities without drying or stripping skin of essential moisture. Infused with a nourishing and skin-loving blend of Olive and Jojoba Oil Extracts, Evening Primrose Extract, and antioxidants for soft, smooth, radiant skin.

Go for the drama. 

For dramatic skin renewal in just one night, give our new Lactic Acid Nightly Retexturizing Serum a try. It works like a dream for improving skin texture and luminosity while exfoliating & clarifying for super-soft, ultra-smooth skin. It also visibly reduces fines lines and the look of pores.

Get your beauty rest.  

Get ready for the best beauty sleep of your life with our Advanced Retinol Intensive Night Moisturizer:. This supercharged anti-aging cream with Retinol works overnight to take on visible signs of aging for a more refined, youthful-looking appearance. This intensive overnight moisturizer helps restore skin to its healthiest state by supporting the skin's four essential building blocks (proteins, micronutrients, water, and lipids). Retinol helps improve cell turnover, visibly enhances firmness and elasticity, diminishes the look of lines and wrinkles, skin appears more refined and more youthful looking overnight.

Achieve overnight success.

We recommend layering S.T.A.R. Light™ Retinol Night Oil underneath a non-Retinol moisturizer or over a non-Retinol serum. Plus, don't let the word "oil" fool you. This ultra-light formula nourishes like an oil but absorbs fast and without a trace. Pair with our award-winning Advanced Retinol Eye Cream for a winning combination.

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