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Why You Should Be Multimasking

Applying more than one mask at a time is the targeted way to transform skin

For the skincare obsessed, it seems every day there’s a new treatment, ingredient or trend to try, and almost little to no time to try them. So, how do we experience this plethora of products? The logical way – all at once.

Insert: multimasking! This more-the-merrier approach to skincare allows you to experiment with new products without overwhelming skin, while also targeting specific concerns. Read on to find out what it means to multimask, how to multimask and the best masks to multimask with.

What is multimasking?

Much like it sounds, multimasking is a treatment technique in which you wear more than one mask at a time. Masks can be applied on different sections of the face (zoning) or layered atop each other like a skincare trifle.

What are the benefits of multimasking?

The skin on your face is not created equal. If you have dry cheeks and an oily T-zone, a pore-refining mask may work wonders on your nose and forehead while leaving your cheeks super dehydrated. Customization is key here and using more than one mask to target your concerns will give skin exactly what it needs.

How do I multimask?

First off, get to know your skin. Look in the mirror and determine the sections of your face that react differently or are of concern. From there, determine your goals. Do you want to plump and hydrate? Improve texture? Get that mid-summer glow? Once you know your mission…

Prep skin:

A cleansed face is a happy face. If you layer product over impurified skin, the trapped dirt and dead skin cells can create  a barrier, limiting direct contact between mask and skin, and from performing to their full potential. Cleansing before application will help rinse away any debris  sitting on your skin.


Once you’ve selected the areas you’re going to target, apply each mask to that section. Apply longer duration masks first and add on shorter duration as times passes to align with removal.

 Choosing a mask:

Dry skin

Thirsty? Give dehydrated skin on forehead and under-eyes (being careful to not get too close to your water line) a boost of moisture with Cloudberry Moisture™ Plumping Cream Mask. Plump lines and provide lasting hydration for a soft, smooth and radiant complexion.

Stressed skin

Supergreens Soother™ Cooling Gel Mask calms and soothes dry skin, reduces the appearance of redness and visibly restores healthy glow. Ideal for irritated cheeks.

Enlarged pores

Say goodbye to oil, dirt and enlarged pores on the nose and chin with a transforming clay mask. While most clay masks can leave skin overly dry by drawing out too much moisture, our Blue Rescue Clay Renewal Mask delivers all the pore-refining power you need while nourishing skin with oceanic extracts.

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