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They got it from their mama:

StriVectin Staffers weigh in on their favorite piece of beauty advice and what products they’re loving too.

It’s almost Mother’s Day and first and foremost— Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mamas out there. The past year has been an incredible time to appreciate all the things mothers do, and though many of us are now mothers and grandmothers to our own brood, we don’t forget the beautiful mothers who made us who we are today.

We asked three of our staffers about their mothers and what they learned from their beauty and skincare routines. And should you need a product recommendation to nurture and take care of your mom with the gift of skincare for Mother’s Day, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Growing up, my mother would always stress the importance of sunscreen. Even if we were going out for a quick walk or to play outside for a short amount of time, she’d always make sure we were wearing SPF. Working in skincare, I’m even more aware of the importance of a daily SPF and thanks to my mom, I’ve incorporated it into my routine from a young age.

A product I’m currently loving and is my go-to is our Advanced Retinol Day Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30. It’s my go to for all-in-one skincare, makes my skin feel great and also includes that SPF!

My mom has always had a simple approach to beauty – she never looked overdone, and never undone either. She taught me to appreciate what I’ve been given and take care of that, and not to worry about trying to look like something I’m not! 

I’m all about staying hydrated and keep a jar of our Hyaluronic Omega Moisture Lip Mask and a bottle of Volumizing & Rejuvenating Hand Cream next to my computer to apply throughout the day.

From an early age, my mom always instilled in me the importance of washing my face and having a nighttime routine. She’s always had flawless skin, so I obviously wanted to listen to whatever advice she had in order to have great skin like her later in life. No matter how tired I may be at the end of the day or even if I don’t have to remove any makeup, washing my face is now a practice in my daily routine, both morning and night, and I always give her credit when I get compliments on my skin and complexion (and encourage others to find their own routine).

Since I love a good cleanse, I’m super into our Daily Reveal™ Exfoliating Pads.

I incorporate them into my everyday routine for that awesome glow and my skin feels so smooth and my pores are nonexistent. I love that it feels so exfoliating but gentle at the same time.

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