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Lauren Hutton, the Supermodel turned Role Model

Meet our muse, collaborator and source of endless inspiration.

Known as the face of American fashion and original supermodel, she’s equal parts beauty, intelligence and sense of humor. But to us, she’s an age-positive voice, symbol of empowerment, inspiration and role model. Loved by women who remember her dancing the night away at Studio 54, skin aglow and swathed in Halston, but also revered by the daughter of those same disco queens, who look to Lauren in her 70-something glory, still breaking records and the rules.

We’ve always been fans of her free spirit, her comfort in her own skin, and her joy in being a seeker, world traveler, and style icon. She’s effortlessly cool, bold, and unafraid to be exactly who she is. She embodies the very best of our brand and that’s why we’re thrilled she’s joined us to celebrate beauty in all ages.


She redefined beauty decades ago with her unique look and effortless style - and she’s still doing it today.


More down home than high society, she’s equally comfortable in New York as she is in a dirt hut in Africa. She’s down to earth and ready to blast off all at once.


She’s the original outsmarter, who has always stayed true to herself and played by her own rules, who even posed nude in her 60s.


Supermodel, actress, alligator wrestler and whip-smart. By signing a contract with Revlon, Lauren became the highest paid model in history and changed the way models were paid and valued.


Hats. Men’s trousers. A gap-toothed grin and sense of ease. The fashion world will never see the likes of Lauren Hutton again.


Lauren is the only model who has worked continuously for five decades and remains in high demand.


A transcendent beauty has an enduring, multigenerational appeal spanning decades. Today she inspires women by continuing to work and staying visible.


Revered, idolized and respected for her attitude and spirit as much as for her effortless style, she has appeared on the cover of Vogue a record-setting 40 times. And she’s the perfect match for our own icon, SD Advanced Plus, the clinically proven moisturizer that targets 10 types of collagen, reduces the look of wrinkles and stretch marks and gives skin lasting hydration

So cheers to Lauren and cheers to being the woman you want to be. That’s what outsmarting aging is all about, and we’re so here for it. Bring it on.

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