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Why You Should Reach for a Hand Cream Right Now

Be vigilant about good hand hygiene and a nourishing hand cream.

We’ve chatted on this blog about forgotten zones like your neck and décolleté, but what about your hands? With all of us washing our hands so much these days, hands are top of mind. Though your vanity may be stuffed with serums and facial moisturizers, don’t forget about your fingers. Because much like the skin on your neck or around your eyes, the skin on your harnds is thin and delicate and requires special care.

Often the most over-exposed parts of the body, hands take the brunt of sun exposure, extreme weather, and all of our “handy” work around the house. According to Francine Krenicki, our VP of Product Development and resident skincare expert, “In this new era of hygiene, the skin is more vulnerable than ever since we are washing our hands non-stop. Even basic hand soaps remove dirt and oil from the skin. The skin barrier suffers long term. To keep hands intact, you need a protective hand cream applied liberally numerous times per day”. 

And with colder weather approaching, now is the time to up your hand game. According to Krenicki, “a reduction in ambient humidity and plummeting temperatures are a bad combination for the skin on your hands.”

Here are some other tips to keep handy:

  • Always wash your hands with mild soap, and don’t forget to apply your hand cream immediately after washing.
  • Use sunscreen on your hands every day. Age spots appear more quickly on hands than on other parts of the body due to consistent exposure.
  • Consider wearing gloves if you’re spending time outdoors in the cold or wind. 
  • Wear latex gloves when cleaning to protect your hands. Most dish soaps have a stripping quality that pull the natural lipids from your skin.

The bottom line? Be vigilant about good hand hygiene but just as smart about replenishing essential hydration and lipids with a nourishing and replenishing hand cream. Want to put a little science in your own hands? Check out our NEW Volumizing & Rejuvenating Hand Cream and stock/slather up for the season. We love how it brightens and plumps in addition to moisturizing. Great for gifting and wish lists too. 

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