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Whether you’re living in Peoria or working from home in Paris, one thing’s for sure- skincare is having a moment on a global scale. With an uptick in concerns around overall health and a focus on self-care, women and men the world over are clamoring for skincare that speaks to the times- from concerns around the environment to new attitudes on aging, the global skincare market is flexing to address a new consumer who is more educated and savvy than ever before when it comes to healthy skin at every age and stage. 

Just as hemlines have always been an indicator of the mind and mood of culture, the latest skincare trends are a great indicator of where we are as a society. Here are some skindicators we’ve been watching taking place around the world:

Pro Aging.

Fact- we’re not getting any younger. Sometime during the next decade, the world will have more people over the age of 65 than those under age 5. And with a global focus on diversity and inclusivity, look for ageless beauty and a more pro-aging approach to be the antidote to years of “anti-aging” sentiment from the beauty industry. 

Skincare as self-care. 

With many of us working/living from home, life is very different these days. Many are skipping their makeup routines while setting up shop in their living rooms, so healthy skin is front and center. And taking some much needed “me” time to restore and relax and do a mask or try out a new serum is becoming part of a well-rounded self-care routine. And with a focus on overall health on the mind of many around the world, having healthy skin is a sign of a balanced approach to health and hygiene.

The Micro-biome.

A focus on science for facts and authority is trending not just on the Twitterverse but around the world too. By now, we know a healthy skin barrier helps us achieve the healthy skin we’re after, but the latest scientific skincare term making news is the microbiome. According to Francine Krenicki, our VP of Product Development, “Your skin is a living biological organ. Though it may sound a bit scary, we’ve all got living things on our skin all of the time, and each of us has their fingerprint and ratio of unique bacteria. Each microbiome profile is different based on lifestyle, diet, living, and climate difference”. We’ve seen this microbiome moment take root in probiotics, those supplements, and ingestibles to help achieve healthy gut health. The same principles can be applied to your skin.  Krenicki notes, “you want your skin microbiome to be healthy, and if your good bacteria gets depleted, bad bacteria can grow, leading to out of whack skin and general skin problems like eczema or psoriasis- the trick to healthy skin is getting the balance right between good and bad bacteria.” Look for the microbiome to be a sophisticated part of skincare launches in the year ahead- and watch this space for StriVectin’s very own take on a microbiome boosting product coming in 2021.

The new skintellectual. 

Globally, the skintellectual trend is still going strong. Consumers are absorbing everything there is to know about beauty, researching, seeking out peer reviews and becoming more informed and educated. Ingredients and transparency are a must, with an eye on responsible formulation, sustainability, inclusivity, representation and environmental responsibility.

Urban skincare. 

In the states, we’ve seen a rise in SPF products not just to protect us from the sun, but from blue light and free radicals pervasive in areas synonymous with air pollution like big cities. As the air quality continues to be a concern, look for skincare brands to create more products that protect skin against premature aging accelerated by pollution. 

 And though many trends transcend passports and borders, it’s interesting to look at what’s trending in areas around the world.

 A more localized approach to skincare is trending with Chinese consumers connecting with brands that use traditional Chinese ingredients and herbs in China. It’s also worth noting that Chinese men are getting into the skincare conversation, too.

 Across the Atlantic in Europe, a rise in conscious consumerism is pervasive as green-minded and environmentally motivated consumers protest climate change and look for brands that share their values for a better planet. Look for the European market to lead the way for sustainable skincare- from ingredients to packaging Europeans are demanding change.

 Wherever you live, one thing’s for sure- skincare is top of mind for many of us as we seek ways to feel healthier, age powerfully, and protect ourselves from stress, the environment, and all of the hazards associated with life in the modern world.


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