Skin Care

The Forgotten Zones: Skincare Beyond the Face

Head, shoulders, knees & toes – they need love too

Are you there, human? It’s me, your skin. I know you think it’s pretty cool to focus on your lovely face, but — hello! There’s more of me to love than just my head. 

We know you may not be having an inner monologue with your skin, but if you did, it would probably sound a lot like the above. Though we love our serum steps and our eye creams, there’s a whole beautiful body that needs your attention. Think of these oft-neglected areas as protection-worthy, and a way to take a more conscious approach to skincare where every part matters, and nothing is neglected. It’s all about daily rituals that keep your skin at its best, and it’s a nice way to practice a few more precious moments of mindfulness as you prepare for the day ahead and then later, off to bed.

Here are three skin zones you may have forgotten about, but should focus on when it comes to self-care:

Stick your neck out.

Did you know that the skin on your neck is different than the skin on your face? It’s thinner and more delicate and may show early signs of aging if you don’t show it some love. And don’t forget about the décolleté! Your chest has less fatty tissue and collagen along with fewer oil glands, making this area more prone to slack, sagging skin, crepey texture, and chronic dryness. Whether you’re 28 or 78, you should be incorporating a top-notch neck cream into your daily routine. We’ve got you covered with our TL Advanced™ Tightening Neck Cream PLUS, the #1 selling neck cream and fan favorite.


Go out on a limb.

Getting out of the shower can often feel like a race against time, but take a small time out and tend to your limbs and elbows so they don’t feel left out. The skin on our limbs can get dry for any number of reasons — from shaving to sun exposure to hot showers. Lose the flake factor, plus improve skin elasticity and resiliency, with our Tightening Body Cream. This rich, nourishing body moisturizer features a powerful blend of caffeine and peptides to help visibly tone, while hydrating and softening skin. We recommend applying when your skin is still damp for an extra boost of hydration.

Kiss and make up.

Dry lips are not a good look. And as we age, a natural loss of color and fullness plus more noticeable fine, vertical lines around the mouth start to appear. This may have you rethinking that cherry red lipstick you love so much. But don’t purge that lipstick collection just yet! For a feather-free application, try our Double Fix™ for Lips Plumping & Vertical Line Treatment. Target all of the above while plumping up the volume and hydrating lips for a smooth smooch. You can even go au naturel because your lips will look lovely on their own.

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