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Debunking Face Oil Myths

We asked a derm to take stock on this slick skincare product

Think you may want to use a face oil, but you don't know all the facts?

We talked to board-certified dermatologist and founder of Entière Dermatology Dr. Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin about some face oil myths so you can get the download on whether adding a face oil to your routine is right for you. Let's get started.

Myth: Oily skin types shouldn't use face oils

False. We understand that not all oils are created equal. Using the right oils can re-balance the skin's sebum and water ratio and help hydrate and moisturize the skin. Look for Meadowfoam Seed, Argan, Jojoba, Marula, and Rosehip which are safe, non-comedogenic, and

moisturizing facial oils.

Myth: Face oils clog pores 

False. Not all face oils clog pores. Ingredients such as meadowfoam seed, argan, jojoba, marula, and rosehip oils are non-comedogenic and lightweight. A favorite is a plant-based oil, meadowfoam seed oil, which is made up primarily of fatty acids and antioxidants, which helps lock in moisture and soften the skin by hydrating and helps balance our skin's skin natural sebum or oil production.  

Myth: Face oils cause breakouts

False. Many oils can be safe for oily skin, and help by stabilizing sebum production, calm down inflammation, and help hydrate the skin without clogging pores. I recommend using a couple of drops for the entire face and look for facial oils that are not comedogenic and at a lower molecular weight. If it’s solid at room temperature, it has a higher chance of clogging pores.

Myth: Face oils are only for moisture

False. Facial oils have many benefits beyond moisturizing and hydrating the skin. Some facial oils have antioxidative properties and assist in protecting the skin by neutralizing free radicals generated by environmental stressors like the sun and pollution. Certain oils have anti-inflammatory benefits, which help in reducing redness and irritation.

If you are looking to add a face oil to your skincare routine try our NEW Super-B Barrier Strengthening Oil with Vitamin B3 & Prebiotics for a visibly healthy, glowing complexion. This ultra-nourishing, non-comedogenic face oil features a first-of-its-kind, oil-based prebiotic blend that balances skin’s microbiome – a component of skin which plays a positive role in helping to maintain a healthy skin barrier.  Plus, it’s super luxe and is a lovely way to amp up your self-care in your skincare.  Pro tip: Make a face oil the last step in your routine. It can be used morning and night since it’s lightweight, quick-drying, and nourishing. As for how much to use, 2-3 drops go a long way. You can apply it alone or mix it into your moisturizer for an added barrier boost. If you skin is oily, swap with your moisturizer step.

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