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Why the Skin Around Your Eyes Needs Extra Care

See the difference an eye cream can make.

Are you seeing your eyes in a whole new light these days? With endless Zoom calls and masks covering most of our faces, the eyes are front and center. And though they show so much about what we're thinking and feeling, they can also show the signs of age, stress, and lack of sleep. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the delicate eye area and how to help your baby blues/greens/browns look their very best.

What is going on with my eyes?

The skin around your eyes is different than the rest of your face- it's delicate, and with

less fatty tissue, collagen, and oil glands, the first signs of aging often appear around the eyes. And it's not just an aging issue- because eye lines are also caused by UV rays, pollution, or too much screen time. 

Why do I need an eye cream?

Think of an eye cream as a great preventative and targeted solution for the effects of modern life and aging on the skin around your eyes. They help with that hollow look to your undereye area that makes those dark circles look pronounced, which you may notice as early as your 20s. That's because women begin to lose bone and fat in their faces, with many turning to Botox and other fillers as a quick alternative. The best long-term solution to sustain the look of healthy, youthful skin is with serious skincare, and that regimen should include eye cream. Because an eye cream can do everything from hydrate to illuminate to reduce the look of dark circles.

How does an eye cream help?

They can't turn back time, but they can prevent some of the more typical signs of aging mentioned above. Most women can benefit from an eye cream, particularly when used consistently (twice a day, every day) for a sustained length of time. Make it part of your everyday rituals and you'll see great results — preventative or otherwise.

Besides adding an eye cream to your routine, device, dim the brightness on your devices—some of them even have "blue light filter" settings—go "hands-free" with your mobile device and add some blue light fight to your skincare routine.

Here are some of our recommendations to up your eye game:

Put some pep in your eye care step

Harness the power of peptide for eyelids, under eyes, and crow’s feet with our NEW Peptight™ 360˚ Tightening Eye Serum. See dramatic eye results with our best-selling eye serum, now upgraded to harness the power of three unique peptides to visibly tighten, firm, and brighten the entire eye area. This light formula absorbs quickly and features a bonus cooling applicator that gently massages and helps depuff to reinvigorate this delicate skin. Lovingly layerable, this serum is an ideal prep step when applied before eye cream, or used on its own for some tightening TLC.

See a specialist.

Because your eyes require special attention, we recommend our wrinkle specialist for eyes, our cult-favorite, #1 wrinkle-smoothing eye cream, NEW  Intensive Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles PLUSnow upgraded and clinically proven to reduce the look of all types of lines around the eyes, starting in just five days*. Expertly formulated to deliver results all around the eyes – from stubborn eleven lines between brows to reducing the look of crow's feet to under-eye lines, puffiness, and dark circles. Fast-absorbing, lightweight, and easy to layer, it's ideal for hydrating and visibly transforming delicate skin around the eyes while neutralizing the visible effects of blue light.

Double up. 

This eye cream is the best of both swirls, delivering the ultimate in hydration and targeted age-fighting technology. A dual-phase, swirled gel-cream for eyes, Hyaluronic Tripeptide Gel-Cream for Eyes intensely hydrates and corrects the key signs of eye aging while neutralizing the visible effects of blue light exposure. The cooling gel phase combines Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Blue Daisy and BioMarine Extracts to minimize the look of lines, dark circles and puffiness. The nourishing cream phase features NIA-114™, our proprietary form of Niacin,  and antioxidants to reduce the impact of blue light and lifestyle stressors to skin.

*Based on expert grading when used as directed.

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