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Exfoliation 101

Our top tips for uncovering your best skin yet

Want to glow like a pro but feel apprehensive about exfoliating? We’ve got you covered with some exfoliation education.

 Exfoliation may feel extreme compared to those soothing balms and creams we crave, particularly during the colder months, but the exfoliation process is necessary. When you think about the health of your skin, think of a roof with loose shingles or the way you wipe away residue on your glass coffee table.  You don’t want your face to be “dulled down” by excess dead skin cells, which create dehydration, dullness, and a fatigued look to the skin. Physical exfoliation is necessary to bring that younger-looking, more radiant skin to the surface.

And as we age, this process becomes key to taking good care of your skin. Our skin cell turnover slows down as we age, so we need an assist in getting rid of dead skin. In addition, though you may be tempted to use that lovely body scrub in your shower for your face, rethink it. The skin on our faces is more delicate and thinner than the skin on our bodies and requires its own scrub-worthy staple.

So if you you’re chasing that glow  and  want to create a smooth canvas for your makeup (not to mention the most optimal environment for the efficacy of your serums and moisturizers), incorporate an exfoliator into your routine. It’s the quickest way to transform the look of your skin, and the results are instant.

And when it comes to exfoliation StriVectin style, we want you to go for pro. Clinically proven to improve skin texture, smoothness, softness, and radiance, our new  Pro Glowfoliant™ Mix-In Microderm Crystals provide results comparable to a professional microdermabrasion treatment in just 15 seconds*. 

Our dermatologist-grade crystals will get you pro-quality exfoliation results at home with finely textured, dermatologist-grade microdermabrasion crystals. Infused with a gentle blend of AHAs to thoroughly resurface dulling, pore-clogging dead skin cells, a pea-sized scoop mixed into any cleanser is all you need for visibly renewed, ultra-smooth glowing skin. You can also use it on your neck and décolleté. And bonus points that our crystals won’t disrupt your skin barrier due to their fine particle size and slightly irregular shape.

The best rule of thumb is to use an exfoliator 2-3 times per week and incorporate it into your nighttime regimen when your skin is in restorative mode and is not out in the sunlight. After exfoliating, use an excellent, rich moisturizer like our Wrinkle Recode™ Moisture Rich Barrier Cream or the iconic SD Advanced™ PLUS Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate to seal in hydration. You can also try our Super-B Barrier Strengthening Oil. Mixed in with your moisturizer or used on its own, it helps target any redness and soothes irritation.

 Now you know how to glow like a pro with serious skincare for those looking to shed some skin and add a little something extra to your routine.

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