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Collagen College: Everything You Need to Know

Up your knowledge on the benefits of this skin-boosting protein

In the skincare world, trends come and go. Maybe you’ve been hearing a lot lately about the importance of collagen when it comes to skin health. It’s hard to walk through a grocery store these days without seeing some sort of collagen powder or drink for sale.  So, what’s up with collagen and why does it matter? Here’s the skinny on our body’s most plentiful protein:

Top it off or target your own?

There’s plenty of products out there that contain some form of collagen, but there’s little evidence to validate its effectiveness. Like how this collagen gets where it needs to go to improve the look of your skin.  

Our take? Skip the jarred stuff and get your existing collagen (there are 20 different types in your body) to kick start and replenish its own supply. Keep your collagen optimized with our SD Advanced™ PLUS Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate, which is proven to target 10 types of collagen most important to skin health. 

Be a babyface.

We all love a round-faced baby. Did you know that when we are infants, we have the most amount of collagen we will ever have? That’s what gives these cuties their lovely plumpness. And even though you’re far from newborn status, you can still regain that natural bounce. The key is boosting your collagen!

Eat right, sleep tight.

A healthy diet is essential to great skin, and high doses of vitamins and minerals keep your skin barrier at its high-functioning best. Dark, leafy greens contain phytonutrients that encourage and fuel your cells.  And if you don’t want your collagen to crash, get some sleep. Collagen is made at night when skin is in repair and restore mode; and tossing and turning is not going to help with cell turnover, so optimize your sleep cycle to increase your collagen production.

Know your types.

Want to be a collagen scholar? Know these four essential collagen types and see why helping skin stay youthful and reducing the look of lines and wrinkles is a group effort:

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