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As we get back to it, take good care

If there's one thing we learned from the past year and a half, it's that life is all about balance. Between work, life, family, and friends, it can all feel overwhelming. And with many of us looking at life "back to normal" that feels anything but, we hope to provide some tips to make the great return a bit softer, and yes, more balanced.

 Here are some ways to get the balance right:

 Make time for meditation.

Studies have shown that meditation helps with stress, sleep, and a general sense of well-being and balance.  And if your skin is affected by stress, calming your mind may help with stressed-out skin and its overall appearance. There are apps that are super easy to use and come in time increments that work for even the busiest of lifestyles.

Set a schedule for self-care.

Whether it's making time to read a book or taking the extra time to nourish your skin, keep your self-care routine in mind even when your schedule seems out of control. Take a time out each day to be kind to your mind and body.

Add some indulgence to your routine.

There's nothing quite as luxe as face oil. Used alone or mixed in with your moisturizer in the morning and evening, we love how a face oil feels ultra-nourishing. We recommend our NEW Super-B Barrier Strengthening Oil, the evolution of barrier care, and the ultimate indulgence and first-of-its-kind prebiotic oil.  We refer to this premium product packed with Vitamin B3 as "yoga for the skin" as it's formulated to bolster both the skin barrier and the microbiome to target premature signs of aging while visibly reducing redness for a healthier-looking complexion. Skin is nourished, calm, and balanced—permission to exhale.

Pro tip:  Balance your microbiome

Your skin's microbiome is like your fingerprint. It is unique to you, yet everyone's microbiome needs good balance to maintain a healthy skin barrier – skin's first line of defense. An unbalanced microbiome can cause the skin to perform less effectively, resulting in signs of aging like wrinkles, dryness, and redness. When the microbiome is balanced, it promotes optimum skin barrier health, appearing as a glowing, calm, and nourished complexion.

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