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6 Ways to Restore Your Mind, Skin, and Soul

Practice these daily rituals for a life well lived and skin well looked after

In his book “The Outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell famously explained that to be successful in any field, you need to do it 10,000 hours, or 20 hours of work a week for ten years. Though you’ve no doubt washed your face or brushed your hair, that amount of time seems daunting, considering the fast-paced world in which we live.

Full disclosure – we’re a bit nerdy for books about business, time management and productivity. One marker of successful, high functioning people is that their day has a good amount of structure and, above all, a routine. Routines help keep us on track, mindful, and able to cope with the very unpredictable nature of life these days. And to take that a bit more into a wellness space and keep the ho-hum out of a routine, we love to think less about routine and more about ritual, particularly when it applies to skincare.

Rituals help us make sense of the world, and also make us feel safe and protected. The repetition of doing things that nourish and nurture are soothing, calming, and good for the body and soul. Whether it’s that 8 am streaming yoga class with your favorite teacher or taking a break from work at noon on the dot to walk your pup, sticking to a routine or practicing rituals feels grounding in these not-so-normal times.

Here are some tips and suggestions to make your mind and body feel safe, sound, and at ease.

Make time to move. 

With quarantines lifting around the world, getting back to normal is top of mind. Keep up with those workout habits you developed while sheltered in place, making time for exercise every day (even if it’s just 20 minutes) helps with anxiety, stress, and staying fit and healthy. 

Empower your post-shower. 

After washing up, take the time to prep your skin and self for the day with body lotion. Enjoy the ritual of taking care of your body and protecting your skin from dryness or irritation. Our new Crepe Control Body Cream is an excellent way to tighten and lose the crepe while enjoying a quiet moment before the day gets away. Incidentally, you can add our Crepe Control Exfoliating Body Scrub to your shower and pretend you’re at the spa while getting toned, tight, and bright.

Keep calm and cleanse on. 

Wash your face twice a day. Pausing to clean your skin will help set a fresh canvas for your skincare and makeup. Our Comforting Cream Cleanser calms the skin and soothes for smooth radiance.

Add a serum step.

 Serums are a fantastic way to target lines, wrinkles, and radiance. It feels like an extra bit of self-care and pampering, and Wrinkle Recode™ Line Transforming Melting Serum is a favorite when it comes to a more ritualistic approach to skincare. Its application is all about warming the product in your hand and pressing it gently into your skin. Luxe, indulgent, and a great way to reduce lines and wrinkles.

Seek some space for your makeup.  

We know you may not be wearing a ton of makeup lately, but as we look forward to seeing friends, family, and coworkers again, set aside some space at home where you can enjoy the rituals of putting on your makeup. From a pretty antique desk that serves as a vanity to a corner in your bedroom that is just for you, light some candles, listen to music, and get prepped for whatever the day holds. To prep skin for the day, add a primer to your ritual. Our Line BlurFector™ Instant Wrinkle Blurring Primer is an excellent choice to smooth and blur imperfections.

Power down with products. 

Later in the day, when life quiets down and the P.J.s go on, stir up a cup of chamomile team to relax your system. Nighttime skincare is super helpful in recharging your cells and restoring your complexion, so after you wash, put on serum, and eye cream. We recommend our S.T.A.R. Light™ Retinol Night Oil. This fabulously indulgent product smells like a dream and provides a perfect sensorial experience when prepping for sleep while replenishing and moisturizing.

Other things you can do to embrace a more ritualistic approach to life? Keep a gratitude journal and write down ten things that you are grateful for each day, meditate with an app like Headspace, and make time to read your favorite news sources during your morning beverage of choice. And don’t forget your sunscreen. It’s a hugely important part of any routine/ritual, and the daily defense your skin needs for heading out into the world. Our Full Screen™ Broad Spectrum SPF 30 collection has a finish for every skin type and tone, so there’s no excuse not to stay protected.

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