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5 Reasons Why You Need an Eye Cream

Think beyond aging when it comes to this delicate skin

All about eye creams.

Oh, the elusive eye cream. You’ve no doubt seen endless content about whether you really need an eye cream or not. It’s true that eye creams have traditionally been the provenance of a more mature audience, looking to target lines and wrinkles and collagen loss. But eye creams are really for everyone, at any age, and here’s why.

1. The skin around your eye is worth a second look.

Because it’s different from the rest of your face. With less fatty tissue, collagen, and oil glands, the first signs of aging often appear around the eyes. It’s delicate and needs products that are lighter in texture, that won’t creep into your eyes, and that are formulated differently than your typical facial moisturizer.

2. It’s not just about aging.

No doubt you’ve noticed a bit of post-party-puffiness from time to time, or maybe you’ve seen some lines around the eyes caused by UV rays, pollution, or even too much screen time in this decidedly digital age. Pesky crow’s feet are popping up as a result of these factors, so think of an eye cream as a great preventative as well as targeted solution for the effects of modern life on the skin around your eyes.

3. They maximize your makeup.

The eye area does not have a ton of oil glands, so it’s one of the driest areas of your face. Add in the application of makeup and you'll see this delicate area dehydrate even further. Before you put on that concealer, foundation, or powder, consider moisturizing the area with an eye cream. Not only will it help with the dryness, it'll help your beauty look stay smooth and in place all day long.

4. They help the hollow.

As early as your mid 20s, you may notice a hollow look to your undereye area that makes those dark circles look pronounced. That’s because women begin to lose bone and fat in their faces, with many turning to Botox and other fillers as a quick alternative. But we like to play the long game vs. the fast fix, and the best way to sustain the look of healthy, youthful skin is with serious skincare. An eye cream can do everything from hydrate to illuminate to reduce the look of dark circles.

5. They fit into any routine

They can’t turn back time, but they can prevent some of the more typical signs of aging mentioned above. An eye cream can be started at any time. Most women of adult age can benefit from an eye cream, particularly when used on a consistent basis (twice a day, every day) for a sustained length of time. Make it part of your everyday rituals and you’ll see great results — preventative or otherwise.

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