Authorized Resellers

Make Sure You Have the Real Thing.

Is your StriVectin real or not?

As a world-leading skincare brand, our success has unfortunately led to our products being sold by unauthorized resellers. These unauthorized resellers may sell diluted or expired products. On occasion, our products are being copied by counterfeiters. We can only guarantee 100% product quality and satisfaction for products sold through our web site, call center and authorized resellers.

Protect yourself and those you care about by buying only authentic StriVectin products from an authorized retailer. If you're concerned about a website selling diverted or counterfeit products, please contact us.

What to look for...

Many of our authorized resellers will display the logo shown below on their website to indicate to you, the consumer, that they are seller authentic StriVectin products.

Please look for this logo as you shop for your skincare products:

Products sold by unauthorized resellers may be diluted, expired or counterfeit. By buying from an unauthorized reseller, you may not experience the expected benefits for our products, or worse, you may have an adverse reaction. Always make sure you only buy authentic StriVectin products.

*Not all authorized resellers will display this logo.