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New TL Eye Restaged

360° Tightening Eye Serum

Visibly tighten and firm skin surface in the eye area. Helps reduce the look of puffy eyes.

1 OZ.

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Customer Reviews

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Love It

Wonderful product. I am on my second tube and absolutely love it. Crows feet are softer and I can see a tightening around my eyes.
Review by Julie on 3/8/15


i've been using strivectin for a while now,maybe a year? the 360 was one of the first products i latched on to. i was at an opening where my friends from another city hadn't seen me in a couple of years and as i walked away someone said, "she just seems to look younger every time i se her!" nuff said.
Review by holly on 1/22/15

Eliminate's Crows feet quickly

I have been using this product for three weeks now and it has eliminated the crow's feet from my eyes and i feel soo much more confident and i love that!
Review by Aly on 1/17/15

360 StriVectin-TL

Purchased this product thru Living Social site, started using this product the day I received it. WOW what a difference! reduced the lines and brightened my skin in about 12 days. I wasn't a believer but I sure am now. Going to order more now.
Review by Nancy on 1/16/15

It tightens the Eyes?!..OH MY!

Now this is THE best eye serum I have ever used...and believe me, I have tried too many to name lol, but anyways this is Greatness in a tube. All that is needed is a small dot because a little goes a long way, to spread over the eye area. The texture is very smooth and spreads easily w/fast absorption. You will see some immediate smoothing/tightening effects & these effects are very noticeable. A 5-Star Product without a doubt!
Review by Kierston on 12/27/14

Can't live without!

Amazing results, this is a must have for anyone who is seeing aging around the eyes.
Review by Monica on 12/10/14

5 stars

Review by lisa on 12/8/14

Helps me look much younger and brighter

The 360° Tightening Eye Serum is great for my eyes. It has helped reduce crow's feet considerably and helped me look much younger and brighter
Review by Sonali on 11/20/14

Improved skin texture

Thus far, this is the best eye tightening and lifting serum I have tried. It has improved the crepey texture of my upper lids after only 2 months of use. Nothing else has come close. I also like the way it is packaged, making it easy to use just the right amount. I have sensitive eyes and this product is well tolerated.
Review by JULIE on 11/17/14

Love it!

This is a great product. It makes my eyes feel and look great. I love the cooling applicator it really helps with my puffy eyes in the morning. Worth every penny in my opinion!
Review by Patricia on 8/24/14

It Really Works

I am 54yrs old have beat up skin. I have severe puffiness droopy area around my eyes. I have tried every product from our fine Department stores you know the ones put worthless products in a pretty bottle and charge you a fortune and promise the world. I got this product as a sample and just got i the habit of a very strict daily skin care routine one day i put this on and realized my eye puffiness was unbelievably noticeably improved. I no longer had to hide in the morning without makeup to conceal my puffy eye. I am a big supporter of StriVecton but I tell all who try it. This product takes time to work and you have to use it everyday. I have tried the best selling products that are proven to be miracles This one does. And if you don't like it they guarantee it. Hello how can that not be a great offer. The dept store eye product with the fancy bottle and applicator that workes wonders. Says them it sucks and I paid just as much. Try it.
Review by jene on 3/30/14


It is such a great thing to see a vi sable difference in my eye area. My eyes had such bags underneath them I was losing hope that there was no product worked at all. The difference it has made is unbelievable. I use it twice a day and it works all day long. Love it. I don't use it for dark circles so I have no comment on that But eye bags and puffiness it works girls I am 54 yrs old and it works..
Review by jene on 3/28/14

Awesome product

This little tube will become part of your daily routine once you see what it does. I love to use it right after cleansing and before applying make up. It's refreshing and it give the eyes a very smooth appearance all day long. Team it with the face and neck creams and you have a great start to smoother skin.
Review by Sherry on 3/27/14

So far so good!

I can see a difference in the skin around my eyes. I'm hoping it gets better and better!
Review by Lezlie on 3/17/14

Great Product

Great Product. I feel some sagginess around my eyes and tried this product. It was awesome.
Review by Priti on 2/11/14


One word WOW !!!! I recently started getting puffy eyes and bags ...Im 46 but most people think im closer to 35....so I thought the eyes are the 1st sign of aging to me . I purchased this product and within 2 weeks I noticed a difference and so did my best friend .My eyes were firmer NO MORE BAGS !!! Im so happy !!!now they have a customer for life !!! I also love the face firming cream!
Review by Trina on 1/14/14

This works! Just like it promises!

The skin around my eyes has always been less than satisfactory coupled with dark circles, and puffiness. Now that I'm older, my eyelids are starting to look a little droopy, as well. So far so good with this product. Starting to notice firmer lids and less dark circles. Thank you Strivectin!
Review by Janice on 12/20/13

Work Great! But, Cant use it!

This stuff really worked, but I can no longer use it. I have REALLY sensitive eyes, and even though I was using a little dab and keeping it as far away from my eyeball as possible, i would occasionally wake up with "pink eye" from this product. This happens to me a lot with various eye creams. Wish I could still use it! Gave a new tube to my sister in law and she LOVES it.
Review by Christine on 12/6/13

so far so great

pleasant smelling and goes on with cool soothing applicator. Feels grest, looking forward to some wonderful results
Review by cdjb on 10/29/13

favorite serum

Have tried several serums both for face and eyes. Really like the cool-feel soothing applicator tip. Extra bonus is the pleasing fragrance. Works very well. Looking forward to some great results.
Review by Diane on 10/29/13

Great job!

Great product for controlling droopy eyelids and bags.
Review by A on 9/19/13

Amazing eye cream!!

This is the best eye cream I have used. The skin around my eyes look so different, many people have commented how amazing my skin looks!! Great price too!! Love it!!
Review by nina on 9/13/13

A must have!!

This is a must have for women on their way to the 40 year mark!!


I originally purchased from some of the other online stores, but I'll purchase from here now, since I have an account, WITH ALL THE REWARD POINTS!!

Review by HEATHER on 8/22/13


All I could think was "This can't be real." As I quickly noticed the changes on the circles under my eyes. I've had them my entire life and have tried all cosmetic products made to treat my puffy, tired and dark eyes. (Even hemorrhoid cream) Not a single one worked, for me. Until, this product came to me, in a kit.

To see if my tired eyes were just lying, I tested it on my husband. I could see it help, instantly. Before that day, my Husband, let me use him as my Strivectin guinea pig once. He really enjoyed his results, and being my guinea pig. This was the second Strivectin product that he enjoyed, too.

This would be another 2 person recommendation giving a five star review.

If you are not sure, get a kit. At least you get to try several products.
Review by Cheryl on 8/22/13


After I use StriVectin-TL™ 360° Tightening Eye Serum,my eye area became more tight. It is useful.
Review by Ming Chin on 8/13/13


I am now 68 and use almost all of the Strivectin products. I have thrown everything else away,... probably thousands of dollars of useless products. Strivectin does exactly what it says it will do. I use the Tightening Eye Serum morning and night and have no wrinkles or bags left. Crinkly skin under my eyes disappeared after only three months and I have now religiously used this with several of the other products for the past 4 years. I just gave it to my sister and encouraged her to use it exclusively, as directed, for three months. When used as directed, it is a miracle worker.
Review by margo on 8/13/13

I love it!

I have "extra" skin that just seems saggy under my eyes. I wear swim goggles a lot too, which doesn't help. But this serum really helps tighten up the area. The metal applicator feels so good on my skin too.
Review by Wendy on 8/13/13


I have dry, sensitive, aging skin. My left eye in particular has a tearing issue often. That has left it crepey under that eye.After trying many other things, I have been using the strivectin eye cream for a couple of years with great results. This addition is wonderful! Used daily, it keeps my eyes line free,and smooth. I LOVE the applicator! So easy to use. Especially for us visually challenged people. I sometime put it into the fridge in the summer to keep it cold before I put it on. Love all of my strivectin products!
Review by cindy on 5/9/13

So far so wonderful

Bought this about 6 weeks ago. Have to admit I have not been religious about using it, but have definitely seen a lift. I have dreaded droopy eyelids and read the previous customer reviews. I Like the thought about a last ditch effort before I consulted a surgeon. I think this talked me off the cliff. Stopped wearing eyeshadow because of this product. Stick it in the fridge overnight for an added treat to puffy morning eyes. Really like this!
Review by Kristine on 5/3/13

Everything they claim is Modest but TRUE...You won't BELIEVE your Eyes!

I don't know what more to say but that StriVectin's definition of the TL 360 degree tightening eye serum is Modest but True! It has done all that for me and I was and am truly amazed! I've never had a product really do what it claims, yet alone do it and then continue to every time I apply it. It's not a permanent fix, yet, but I imagine over time it will be... if I am as "consistent" as it wants to be! My eyelids were droopy, even worse and I didn't even know it because of the amount of droopiness and then underneath that skin that I was taking as my eyelids, were my real eyelids and they were that creepy crepey stuff that you expect on someone who is maybe in their later 70's or 80's and I was scared because I'm only in my mid 50's and I've always taken good care of my skin, hadn't I? I started using the first anti-aging potion I knew of when I turned 30. I loved it and how it tingled on my face, that had to be a sign that it was working and I believe it was...the only trouble was because it tingled with such intensity I knew not to use it on my eyes; so during all those years I was fighting the early signs of aging (a.k.a. the date on the calendar) and it was warding it off, I'm sure. I have no crow's feet or under eye problems but I now realize that since my one great anti-aging product felt so good on, I never gave any thought to the fact that I was neglecting my eyes! I was scared to put anything so strong on my upper eye lids because they were so thin and with the close proximity of my eyeballs I was afraid that I would burn my eyes. Since this was preventive maintenance I was doing I never stopped and thought that I should be moisturizing my eyes, if not with this stuff then something, anything! Yes, I was thoroughly moisturizing my face but forgetting about my eyes and even my neck, no one told me to moisturize those two, no one told me anything about aging that is why I am rattling on so that in case someone sees this maybe I will have told them something about not only how great StriVectin TL 360o tightening eye serum is but how to use it and other products to win the war on aging!
I put products on my face when I was in my 30's...I thought I was ready to take on this thing called age but no one told me that this thing is actually a Monster and that it can't be conquered or controlled by one product but if you've found your way here, you're going to be fine! Welcome, my Friend, you have found StriVectin and have begun what we call the Quest of "Ageing gracefully"! This is a good product to have in your starting line artillery because the eyes are one of the first to show age. This product has it all from the Serum to the metal tipped tube from which you can apply it with a cooling and gentle touch. Also, Always remember when working in your eye area to use little if any pressure, the ring finger is a good choice for control and light touch and in most cases always work from the outer to inner eye to avoid stretching the delicate skin and giving crow's feet a hand! Good Luck!
Review by Sandra on 12/7/12