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No Wrinkle
stands a chance.

Clinically Proven
Power Serum for Wrinkles

The most technologically advanced
formula we've ever created.

Gives you the power to affect the anatomy of
a wrinkle. Clinically proven to reduce length,
width and number of wrinkles.

64% of women said Power Serum works
faster and better than other anti-aging
products they have tried*.

Powers up skin with potent elastin-stimulating
peptides and detoxifying plant cells. Helps
boost luminosity and clarity and the look of
pores is diminished.


*Based on 31 consumer perception questionnaire responses at 12 weeks.
**Based on visual grading at 8 weeks in the periocular area, crows feet.

What makes StriVectin
Power Serum so unique?

Our potent complex of actives
is the most technologically
advanced formula we’ve ever
created. The formula contains
10% of our patented wrinkle
complex of NIA-114, Plant Stem
Cells and Peptide Actives.
NIA-114™ (Niacin) powers up
skin to help repair damage and
fight off all visible signs of aging.
Potent elastin-stimulating peptides
help enhance skin structure and
reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
And Plant Stem Cells detoxify skin
to help improve skin’s luminosity
and clarity.

What’s the difference between
a serum and a cream?

Because of their lighter texture, serums are able to penetrate the surface layers of the skin more quickly and easily than lotions or creams. Serum get right to the source of skin aging. A moisturizing cream is formulated with larger molecules than a serum. This means that a moisturizer will not penetrate the skin as far as a serum can.